PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT BREEDERS. However, we are well connected with the Whippet community and can often refer other breeders or litters.

Email us here with comments, questions, stories, or just to say hello. If you are inquiring about puppies, we will not reply to you if you don’t answer the questions below.

{ If you are interested in learning about puppies, and litters, please answer these questions in your inquiry. You will need to answer these before we will reply. }

Whippets are not a breed for everyone, so a visit is always highly recommended.

Where are you located?
Why did you choose a whippet?
Do you have any other pets, in particular dogs or cats?
If not, have you ever owned a dog or whippet?
Do you have a spouse and/or children?
Do you live in a house, apartment or rent a home?
What are your work hours?
Have you visited other whippet breeders in person?

We recommend that both whippet parents of a litter are health tested, for Cardiac (preferably via echocardiogram), ears (BAER) and eyes (OFA).
Note that a puppy guarantee is not the same thing as health tested parents. A reputable breeder should also be willing to take the dog back at any time if necessary.