2021/2022 news

2 0 2 2  N E W S

Cee – #1 Obedience Whippet in Canada 2022

Dec 11 IABCA shows. Good finished his International Championship IntCH and Honours Championship HnrCH.

Dec 4 NASDA, Snohomish. Tristan rocked it with 6/6 Qs, three each of Trail Level 2 (in snow!) and Urban Locating 2. Dustyn qualified in 5/6 runs.

Dec 2 shows, US. His first show a a Special, JD was BOB for 5 pts toward his Grand.

Nov 26 SDDA scent, Aldergrove. Dustyn qualified in both Excellent Interior and ContainersIn his usual entertaining fashion, he pulled a petrified muffin wrapper out of the garbage can and climbed a tree to indicate upside down.

Nov 20 shows, US. JD was WD/BOS over Specials to finish his American Championship AmCH for a major under Mr. Edmund Dziuk, handled by owner Jane Handschumaker, bred and co-owned by Lorraine Burch (who took him in for breed).

Nov 19 CKC scent, Maple Ridge. Dustyn finished his Excellent title SDE. His Excellent Interior run was entertaining, where he went behind a couple of nested hockey goal nets angled to a corner, to indicate from inside by pushing his nose through the nets. Whatever works! He also enjoyed the Christmas tree tinsel start cones. They were too tempting – must pick up and start walking off with one.. Aurora passed all 3 of her Master runs too.

Nov 17 shows, US. JD was WD/BOW for a 3 pt major under hound specialist Susan Brown.

Nov 11 Mt Cheam show, Chilliwack. Kirsher was WD and BOB over a Special to finish his Canadian Championship CanCH.

Nov 5/6 CKC Scent, Kelowna. Fino finished her Scent Detection Master SDM! Dustyn finished his Master Exterior SDM in the evening dark, and was the only one who qualified in the second Master Exterior run, so a default High in Class. Papa Tristan finished his Master Container SDC.

Oct 16 Lure coursing, AZ. Tessa was BOB for 2 more points!

Oct 16 Camrose shows, AB. Sedona was BOB and 2 BOS to finish his Grand Champion Bronze GChB, owner handled by Angela Ellis.

Oct 16 Agility. Boomer finished his Excellent Standard Agility AX!

Oct 15 CWAGS scent. Tristan just entered in two Level 4 runs and passed both beautifully – good man still working it at 11.5!

Oct 14/16 Boise shows. Hoby (DelCrown Hamrya Sam Catchem) picked up his third major, then WD to finish his American Championship AmCH – completely owner handled by Karen Hilfiker – huge congratulations!!

Oct 14/16 NASDA, WA. Dustyn had the fastest times in whippets for BOB/fastest whippet in trial for all 3 trials. He was 6/6 in his runs, which included 2 runs in Level 2. Tristan had the fastest whippet time in another trial and was also 6/6 in Trailing Level 1 and start of Level 2, and also added 4 Challenge Games Qs. Both boys finished their Level 1 title TL-I.

Kirsher jumped right in with enthusiasm, and was 3/4 in Level 1. He was highly distracted by rabbit droppings in the forest for one run lol but otherwise did a great job for a youngster.

Oct 8  JD (Jetstream StormWarning @ Springrun) was BOB over a special.

Oct 7/8 FVDA dog show, Chilliwack. Shown 2 days, Kirsher was BOW and Best Puppy in Group under Cheryl Paterson. The second day, he was BOS over a Special and Best Puppy in Group.

Oct 1 Celeste was BOB to finish her Australian Championship AU CH! Way to go to breeders Shari and Paul for their third champion in the litter, owner handled.

Oct 1 SDDA scent, Chilliwack. Dustyn was 2 for 2 to finish his SDDA Excellent title SD-E! The containers run was entertaining as there were some fuzzy/fluffy/furry containers and he had to pick the one up with odor, shake it and ‘kill’ it. Half sister Siren finished her SDDA Championship SD-CH – congrats to Avery and Ariana!

Sept 25 LMDF, Chilliwack. Siren (Aberle Enchanted at CopperSea) was BOB over Specials under Edna St. Hilaire, handled by owner Avery.

Sept 25 Dustyn’s boy JD (Jetstream StormWarning @ Springrun) had his 5th WD out of 6 shows which included a BOB over specials.

Sept 24 Fino earned her Barn Hunt Senior level title RATS!
Sept 11 Redrock show, UT. Hellcat picked up 2 select wins for 2 grand CH points and Ursula was BOW for her first point on Sunday, both handled by Monica Sima.

Sept 11 Mobile, AL shows. Rikki (Domino Radical Red Ricochet) finished her American Championship AmCH under Richard Albee! Huge congrats to owners Susan Ford and Ivan Cordrey and breeder Donna Miner!

Sept 3 Skaha KC shows. Fino (Ch* Lotty Majesticanis ETD SDE SDC RATO NC) is a new Canadian Champion CanCH – thanks to Michelle and Vienna Yeadon for presenting and earning 4 x group 3 and 2 x group 4 throughout the valley this summer.

Aug 29 NASDA, WA. Dustyn and Tristan completed the Urban Locating Level 1 UL-1.

Aug 25 Jetstream StormWarning @ Springrun, JD was awarded BOB over specials from the 6-9 month class under Mr. Jamie Hubbard.

Aug 19 Olympic KC, Enumclaw. Excited that Dustyn was WD/BOW to finish his American Championship AmCH under Mrs Donnelle Richards for his third major and all points owner handled! Half brother Kirsher was Reserve to the major for the second time.

Aug 14 Shows. At just 6 months and 2 weeks JD, Jetstream StormWarning @ Springrun took WD/BOW under Ms. JoAnne M. Buehler, handled by owner Lila Jane Handschumaker.

Aug 12 Barn Hunt, WA. Kirsher RATI and a Novice leg with a 2nd place.

Aug 6? Boomerang finished his American Championship AmCH! First 10 points and majors handled by Rachael Rehberg, and the remaining put on by owner Susan Ford – huge congrats to Susan, Ivan and breeder Donna Miner!

JD earned a bronze in one UpDog game in two days, thanks to handler Lynn Mitchell!

July 30 CWAGS scentwork. Dustyn was 4/4 to get his Scent Patrol CW-SP and Tristan finished his Ranger 2 CW-ScR2.

July 25 Hudson River Valley Hound Show, Carmel NY. Scorch (Hamrya’s Desert Heat SC DCAT CGC) attended his second show of the year and picked up his second consecutive major, shown by breeder Donna Lynch. Way to go!

July 22 – 24 What a weekend!! PKC, Western Gazehound, WCOBC, LMWA
I was thrilled to show Maeve, who returned to Canada after 3 years with owner Cathy Day, and at Friday’s Pacific Kennel Club show, was WB/BOW/BOB over Specials and Group 2 under Ashley Reid (Australia) for her second 5 point win. Needing another judge to finish her Championship, she quickly wrapped it up with BOW/BOB under Michael Faulkner on Saturday and on to Group 4 under breed specialist Raymond Yurick. New Can CH! The 2 wins put her in the temporary 12th place whippet in Canada.

Thrilled to share that Dustyn was BOB at the Lower Mainland Whippet Specialty!! Many thanks for the honour under whippet specialist judge Diane Fast, Special D. It was the only Canadian Specialty he was entered in since the last BC specialties 3 years ago when he finished, and it is the first dog I’ve shown to a Specialty win!

Kirsher had fun in his first Canadian shows at 7 months of age – he was BOW in both Specialties entered to pick up 4 points. Many many thanks to Lâle Aksu for taking him in for the breed at Western Gazehound and showing him to Best of Winners under Merla Thomson. It was hot and there was a delay during the show as Group ended up being at the same time, so it was a long show and I really appreciated your help! Huge thanks also to a most wonderful 12 year old junior handler that stepped in for the breed at WCOBC – Jenna was amazing and did an excellent job with him, also showing him to BOW under judge Roberta Parish. You are going to go far, young lady!

Papa Tristan was entered on Sunday and was Best Veteran at both Specialties – Whippet Club of BC under judge Roberta Parish, and Lower Mainland Whippet Assoc under judge Diane Fast. We are grateful for the honours. At the second show, junior handler Jenna took him in for the breed and did a lovely job, despite the fact that he kept wanting to go up the ramp while we were relaxing to stay cooler in the shade 🙂

Daughter Zarina (CanCh Hilerica Saturna) was also Best Altered, looking great at 9 years of age, and her daughter Zoleen (Stormhold Zarina Zoleen NS, NC, FCH) was Best Field Dog and Award of Merit under Roberta Parish – thank you Gale Lyttle for showing her in breed!
It was nice to see so many familiar faces and so happy to see the great wins among the fanciers. More thanks to Margaret Gaull, Cara Takahashi, Gale Lyttle and Darien Adley for valuable help, and to the hard working club members.

July 11, WA. Jasper completed his Rally Advanced RA. One run was 100 points!

July 10 Lauren (Lauren Majesticanis) finished his Polish Championship PL CH. CACIB Bydgoszcz – V1/8, CWC, res. Judge was Leszek Salamon. Owned by Bartek Niedzwiecki, and handled by breeder Ania Spigarska. This is the third littermate.

July 6 Manor Weekend, Finland. Musca (Besties Musca Australis) was BOB puppy, judged by Felicity Thompson, Ireland. Later Musca was a BIS 2 pup, judged by Kaisa Metteri-Gold.

July 2 Potter completed his Dock Senior DS.

Jun 19 
Blackfoot, ID shows. Buddy finished his American Championship (new AmCH Crossfyre Where Eagles Dare SC DCAT) with a BOW under Manuel Queijeiro with a BOW! It was a team effort from owner Sandy Kock and handler Monica Sima. Sister Hellcat was BOB that show as well.

Baby puppy Loki won 2 Best of Breeds, a Group 1 and Group 2 in the 4-6 month class. He then placed second in the sanction B puppy match.

Jun 19 Cascade Whippet Specialty, OR.Dustyn was WD for a 4 pt major under Debbie Davenport! It was 2019 that we were last able to attend an AKC Whippet Specialty, so we are on cloud nine!

At the second show, Kirsher was RWD to the Specialty major under Russell McFadden at 6 months old.  Many thanks to Linné Wagner for taking him around for the first ‘spin’ and getting his blue ribbon, as I was unable to make it to the ring for that class.

Jun 16, 18 AKC showsAmadeus was WD/BOW under David Hyman, then WD/BOW/BOS under Sonny Ambrosio, handled by Lila Jane Handschumaker.

Jun 3 – 5 Agility. Ricochet got three QQs in a row. Huge congrats to owner/handler Susan Ford and breeder Donna Miner!

Jun 3 On his 6 month birthday, Kirsher passed both his SDDA Designated Odour Tests (DOT).

Jun 3 All Hound Specialty, Erie Shores. Ty was again Best Baby Puppy in Breed under Douglas Johnson, 2 for 2! Thrilled with the debut of this baby.

Jun 2 Whippet Club of Eastern Canada Specialty. Dustyn/Emma pup Ty (Jetstream Tytan) was Best Baby Puppy in Specialty under Paul Stanton of Sweden and handled by breeder/owner Lorraine Burch!

May 29 CKC Scent trial, Maple Ridge. Tristan went 3 for 3 Qs, first qualifying in both of his Excellent searches to complete his Scent Detection Excellent SDE title. Then he qualified in Master Exterior, completing his Scent Detection Exterior title SDX. Tristan’s Excellent title also makes him eligible to level up to the Canadian Kennel Club’s Versatility Silver title VS. As I can only run one dog per component, Dustyn was therefore only able to run in Excellent Exterior, which he also qualified in.

May 28 CKC Scent trial, Maple Ridge. Jet completed his Open title SDO in 3 of 3 runs! Congrats to owner Karen Bereti!
Congratulations to Siren and Avery who both competed at the SDDA Excellent level for the first time and passed Containers, Exterior (with a first place) and made it to the last room in interior. They also earned their 3rd Advanced title.

May 27 Kelowna shows. Fino placed Group 4 on Friday under judge Edna St Hilaire and was awarded a Group 3 by the esteemed Penny Lewis of Bretica Whippets on Saturday.

May 22 Lynden AKC show. Dustyn was RWD to the major, behind the dog that finished the day before and didn’t move up, under Ken Murray.

May 20-21 Kelowna Kennel Club. Fino was 4th in Group 4 under Edna St Hilaire on Friday and Group 3 under Penny Lewis on Saturday.

May 20 Kirsher Trick Dog Novice NTD

Apr 30 CACIB Zielona Góra, Poland. Grido (Lavender Majesticanis) obtained a V1/6 rating, CWC to become a new Polish Champion PL CH! Congratulations to the owner handler Krzysiek.

Apr 25 Lewiston, ID. Dustyn WD/BOW for another single under David Peat.

Apr 24 Lewiston, ID. Buddy WD/BOW for a single under Pam Peat.

Apr 17 Moses Lake, WA. Dustyn WD for a point under Richard Albee, first time back in the US ring since fall of 2019.

Apr 3 AWC National Specialty weekend. Rikki a second in class in agility. Karmen qualified for her BN and also with a second place in Rally Advanced. Boomer qualifying in Obedience and Top 10 Versatility conformation. Cee was 2nd place to housemate Echo with a 196.5 score in obedience. Cee and Venti won the Obedience Brace class. Boomer was 9th in Versatility!

Apr 3 Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Maeve with 3 back to back Best of Breed wins!

Apr 3 Aurora completes her SDDA Scentwork Elite title SD-EL! Huge accomplishment with owner Ariana Jones!

Mar 20 Cee and his brilliant handler Kate Darbyshire finished their UDX / MOTCH – Master Obedience Trial Champion!

Mar 15 Tristan received the CKC Versatility Bronze title VB. This completes his 70th title!

Mar 12/13 Silver Falls KC, WA. Hoby was WD for a point, and then WD/BOW for a 3 pt major. Well done to owner/handler Karen Hilfiker!

Mar 6 Dusty passed his CGN / CGC titles. He was the only one who found the ‘girly pee’ buried in the sand 🙂

Mar 6 Fino earned her Scent Detection Excellent SDE and Scent Detection Container SDC titles. Fabulous work!

Mar 5 Tristan finished his SDDA Aerial Games title SD-GA. Dustyn’s first games entry was 2 for 2 in Distance. Aurora first whippet to complete the SDDA Games Championship SD-GCH!

AZ. Tessa BOB in coursing.

Feb 28 Tristan Trick Dog AKA.Tristan is eligible for his CKC Versatility Bronze title VB.

Feb 11 Chain O’lakes KC, IL. Rowan another single under Ken J. Murray.

Feb 5 Sahuaro State KC, AZ Supported Entry Arizona Whippet specialty. Scorch WD for 5 point major and Ivy WB/BOW for 5 pts under Stephanie Dycha.

Feb 4 Hoosier KC, IN. Rowan WD for 2 points under Sulie Greendale-Paveza

Jan 29 Boomer picked up a couple more points, owner handled by Susan Ford.

Jan 29 Amadeus (Tristan x Anastasia) made his AKC debut today in Erie in the 4-6 month puppy show. He won first in hound puppy group! Handled by breeder/owner Lynn Mitchell.

Jan 21 Dog Fanciers Assn of Oregon, OR. Hoby was WD/BOW for a 3 point major under Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman, owner handled by Karen Hilfikar.

Jan 15 National Dog Show, Brodnica, Poland. Sonny finished his Polish Championship PL CH winning V1/5, CWC, BOS under Tomasz Wolancz!

Jan 8 Rowan was WD for a 4 pt major, handled by Lyn Moran.

Jan 7 Palm Springs Specialty, CA. CC was Best in Veteran Sweeps, then AOM at the Specialty under Lesley Potts.

2 0 2 1  N E W S

Dec 20 PA Tatum (Hamrya’s Desert Jewel) was WB/BOS over Specials for a major and to finish her AmCH. Congrats to breeder Donna Lynch and handler Lesley Potts!

Dec 19 UKC show, Jackson, MI. Amadeus was Reserve Best Puppy in Show today at the UKC shows handled by owner/breeder Lynn Mitchell! Good puppy!

Dec 14 PA Tatum picked up a major under Carol Vogels, handled by Lesley Potts.

Dec 11/12 SDDA trial, Langley. Tristan finished his Distant Game title SD-GD in 3 of 3 runs, with one Q under 20 seconds. Daughter Aurora finished the same title.

Nov 28 AZ shows. Ivy (Hamrya Regalia The Desert Archive) was WB/BOW for a 4 point major, bred by Donna Lynch and owner handled by Rhonda Gifford!

Nov 12 Amadeus completes his Novice Trick Dog NTD at the tender age of 12 weeks, owned and bred by Lynn Mitchell.

Nov 6 CairnHeart K9 CWAGS, Richmond. Tristan finished his Scent Ranger 1 (CW-ScR1) in 4 of 4 runs

Oct 31 A Extraordinary Canines nosework, Langley (it was cold!). New Level 2 CW-SD in 4 of 4 runs. It was fun sniffing out the hidden odors in rubber rats, skeletons, pumpkin buckets, witches hats and glitter spiders. Good job Tristan on your 65th title!

Oct 27 Longshore-Southport KC, MA. Joy (Domino Joy to the World) was WB/BOW under John Arvin to finish her Am CH! Huge congrats to breeder/owner/handler Donna Miner!

Oct 22 Battle River Canine Assoc. AB. Poppy (Aberle Flora The Red Menace) was WB/BOW to finish her Can CH! Congrats to owner Robyn Tansey, handler Angela Ellis and breeder Crystal Crookshanks for her first kennel Ch!

Oct 16-17 Boise, ID shows. Hellcat was just entered on the weekend and started with a 5 point BOB over Specials for a 5 pt major to finish her Am CH under Shelley Hennessy! Hellcat is handled by Monica and owned/bred by Liz Campbell, Deana McNamer and myself. She finished with 3 majors.

The next day was the same, with her first move up show resulting in BOB for 5 points toward her Grand under John Wade.

Brother Buddy was WD/BOS over Specials to pick up a 3 pt majors under Hennessy. The next day, was WD/BOW/BOS over Specials for another 3 pt major under Wade. Congrats to owner Sandy Kock!

Oct 17 Buckhorn in Cheyenne, WY. Maeve was BOB.  What a weekend for these littermates!

Oct 11 FVDA show. Since we missed out on the national in NM, I decided to show Tristan (at 10.5 years of age) at one all breed show where he went BOB under whippet fancier Lucie Paradis (Joska)! Tristan was showing his heart out.

Oct 9 FVDA show, Chilliwack. Dusty was first time handled by Linda Buchholz to BOB and Group 4th in a very strong Hound Group under Linda Kraft – well done!

Oct 9 Iowa Coursing Assoc, Des Moines, IA. Rowan was BIF for a 3 pt major!

Oct 9 National Dog Show, Ostr róda, Poland. Lauren was 2x excellent V1 and CWC with one BOS.

Oct 3-9 AWC National Specialty, New Mexico. Karmen was 2nd in the AKC coursing Veteran stake. She qualified in rally intermediate in 3rd place which finished her title RITess was 3rd in her Open stake. Veteran Karmen was 9th in the Triathlon – so proud of you girls!! Karmen also made the cut in a beautiful line up of 7 – 10 Veteran bitches. Karmen’s daughter Teagan was 4th in the Am Bred class, also owner handled.

Oct 2 CKC scentwork, Aldergrove. Aurora was the first whippet to earn the CKC Scent Detection MASTER title (SDM)! This included Master Container SDC, Master Interior SDI, Master Exterior SDX

Oct 2 CKC scentwork, Aldergrove. Dustyn finished his Open title SDO.

Sep 19 LMDF show, Chilliwack. Dustyn was Select under Mr Glen Stark to finish his CanGCH.

Sep 19 Cape Cod, MA. Tatum was WB/BOW/BOB and Grp 3 over two specials for another point.

Sep 18 Cape Cod shows, MA. Tatum wins another point with WB/BOW/BOS.

Sep 17 South Shore KC, MA. Tatum was WB/BOW/BOB over two specials piloted by Leslie Anne Potts.

Sep 17 Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers show, Chilliwack. Dustyn was BOB under Mr Ben Wasylyshen for a nice 4 point win toward his GCh. First indoor shows in almost 2 years.

Sep 12 Mouse finished her Beginner Novice BN in Obedience with a score of 197.5, then got a qualifying score in Rally.

Sep 11 CWAGS scentwork, Richmond. Tristan went 4/4 in his two Level 2 Scent Detective and Level 1 Ranger runs.

Sep 11 Karmen had 100 score in Intermediate Rally.

Sep 11 Hellcat was WB.

Sep 11 ALCA specialty, AB. Sedona was Best of Opposite in the Field Title sweepstakes and Best of Opposite at the Specialty under James Reynolds. New GCH Hamrya’s Desert Dust Devil, handled by owner Angela Ellis. Half sister Poppy was BOB at the Field Title Holders Sweepstakes under Ken Cook.

Sep 5 UT. Maeve finished her AKC Field FCH for her Dual Championship DC! Huge congrats to owner Cathryn Day and breeders Liz Campbell and Dean McNamer (and myself).

Sep 3 New Barn Hunt Champion RATCH! This was Tristan’s Barn Hunt retirement run, and he pulled off a High in Class too. Reflecting on his ratting history, he really had a phenomenal run in Champion level. Starting after almost 4 years off with a refresher run, he then qualified in 4 in a row, then handler error (called clear just as he was digging up the last rat.. ouch), then qualified in 6 in a row for his 10 Champion level Qs, most of which were after he turned 10. He also placed in every single qualified run, including multiple High in Classes. We pulled plenty of 5 rat draws – 1x1rat, 1x2rats, 2x4rats, 6x5rats. As part of the barn experience, which is held at a cow farm, he was unfazed by plentiful flies, a regular train route, a heat wave, high winds and rains. The time was well spent; we had a rat blast and I’m just so proud of him. ? He currently remains the only Master Whippet and now Champion Whippet in Canada.

Aug 29 Ricochet Master Agility MX!

Aug 22 Jasper Expert Trick Dog ETD.

Aug 17 Dodger was invited for Distance Jump to the 2021 NADD Regionals (being the top 3 in his Senior class).

Aug 8 Victoria KC, BC. Simon (Hilerica Perfect Alibi) was BOW to finish his Can CH, owner handled by Karen Robinson.

Aug 8 Fraser Valley Ratters, Agassiz. Dustyn finished his Barn Hunt Senior title RATS with a bang – High in Class, by default, but even better as he was the only Senior dog to qualify.  Tristan had a beautiful weekend with 4 of 4 Qs in Champion level, and a High in class over both Master and Champion class.

Aug 6  AB. Poppy (Aberle Flora The Red Menace) was WB. Sedona was BOB again.

Aug 5  AB. Gita was WB/BOS over a special for 2 points. Sedona was BOB.

Aug 2  AB. Dodger (Aberle Shine on Harvest Moon) and Gita (Aberle Good Morning Starshine) each pick up a point in their shows. Congrats to breeder owner handler Crystal Aberle-Crookshanks!

Aug 1 Stampede City Whippet Club, AB. At his debut as a Special, Sedona was BOS at the Stampede City Whippet Specialty under Allen Pepper.

July 31 Alberta Kennel Club, AB. Sedona was WD/BOW to finish his Canadian Championship CanCH. He finished with 4 wins in 5 shows.

July 30 Alberta Sporting Hound Assoc, AB. Sedona (Hamrya’s Desert Dust Devil) was WD/BOW/BOS over Specials for 4 points under Roberta Parish.

July 30 Maeve completed her AmGCH with a BOB. Congrats to Cathy Day!

July 29 Obedience trial, ON. Cee completed his Utility UD title with a High in Trial, which finishes his OTCH! So proud of owner handler Kate Darbyshire. He completed his Canadian UD title in 4 trials with scores of 193, 193, 195.5 with two 1st and one 2nd placements and a HIT from Open with 197.5.

July 25 LMDA scent CKC trial.  Another hot day and a few entries gained an Open Containers leg for Dustyn and Excellent Exterior for Tristan. Fino completed her SDO Open title.

July 18 K9 Scentinels, Agassiz. First scentwork trial since the shut downs last year. Dustyn completed his SDDA Advanced title SD-A with a second placement in Exterior. Tristan was entered in some of the new Games for the first time, and qualified in both his Aerial and Distance. He made a beeline for the distance hide and alerted in 22 seconds (3 minutes allotted). Tristan is proud of the kids and grandkid titling this weekend at the trial – well done!

July 17 Mt Cheam show, Langley. Dustyn was BOB under Jean-Christophe Boulinguez.

July 3/4 CWA race, MN. Rowan completed his DPC with a first place in the conformation show.

July 3 FGC lure coursing trial, AB. Sedona placed 2nd in a field of 18 whippet and then went BOW for 2 pts at the Show n Go.

June 26 Townsville KA, AU. Stellar (Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan) BOB and Runner Up in Group to finish her Australian Championship!

June 19/20 AKC coursing. Maeve won back to back BOB and BIF for two 5 point majors!

June 11/12/14 Salina KC, KS. (Hamrya DelCrown Tess Trueheart) was WB for 1 pt each day.

June 11  Bs FCAT.

June 10  Wichita KC, KS. Tess (Hamrya Delcrown Tess Trueheart) was WB for 1 pt.

June 8 Tristan Summer Scavenger Hunt SSH

June Montana show. Buddy (Crossfyre Where Eagles Dare) was WD/BOS under Judge Terry DePietro for a 3 point Major.

May 30 Bowen KC, AU. Stellar (Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan) RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. Stellar Best In Group and went on to RIS under Mr Serge Tassan, handled by owner Lana McCrindle. I was on video call with breeder Shari so I could watch! Brother Lucifer was DCC.

May 29 Bowen KC, AU. Lucifer was DCC, BOB, Best in Group under Mrs Tassan.

May 23 Logan show, UT. Hellcat was WB for a 3 point major.

May 22 Dodger surpassed his personal best with a 16’9″ splash and Dock Senior DS title!

May 16 show, AU. Lucifer received 2 x challenges and Celeste a BOB.

The Margaret Mason Memorial Show saw Celeste receive the challenge and onto Best of Breed winning the lovely BOB Whippet rosette.

May 8 Tully show, AU. Brother sister duo, Lucifer and Celeste, received both challenges with Lucifer being the BOB winner and Celeste runner up to her brother.

May 8/9 Beehive cluster, UT. Hellcat won a 3 point major under judge Nikki Riggsbee handled by Monica Sima. Followed up by WB a day after for a single.

May 5 Tristan 2K-9

Apr 25/26 Garden City shows, Kansas. Maeve was BOB twice and a Group 4!

Apr 26 Bowen shows, AU. In 3 shows Lucifer received 2 x challenges, 1 x RUBOB, 1 x BOB and 1 of 3 run for group, 1 x reserve challenge, 3 x Inter in group and Intermediate in Show!

Apr 17 Rikki finishes her Masters Jumpers Agility title (MXJ)!

Apr 3 weekend Lucifer New Australian Champion! Whiparoo Cast from Heaven wasn’t shown for 18 months. At his first sets of 8 shows over 2 weekends, he received 7x dcc, 3 x RUBOB, 3 x BOB and a RUBIG under many hound and whippet judges, gaining 70 points. And earned his title with a RUBIG under hound specialist Miss Davis. Sister Stellar (Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan) was rbc and rubob x 2 and 1 x bcc – taking her over half way to her title – in a very competitive line up of ladies. This resulted in a brother sister run off. She was also 4 intermediate in group. Handled by breeder Star Gallagher. Well done!!

March 16 Tristan completed his AtoZ tricks

March 20/21 Conformation, AU. First shows in over 18 months and Lucifer was DCC, rubob and state bred in group under Ms D Norman and BOB the following day under Glenda Goller. Congrats to owner/handler/breeder Shari and Paul!

Feb 27  B’s BCAT.

Jan 28 Rally Obedience. Rikki earned her Rally Excellent RE title!