2020/21 news

2 0 2 1  N E W S

Apr 3 weekend  Lucifer New Australian Champion! Whiparoo Cast from Heaven wasn’t shown for 18 months. At his first sets of 8 shows over 2 weekends, he received 7x dcc, 3 x RUBOB, 3 x BOB and a RUBIG under many hound and whippet judges, gaining 70 points. And earned his title with a RUBIG under hound specialist Miss Davis. Sister Stellar (Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan) was rbc and rubob x 2 and 1 x bcc – taking her over half way to her title – in a very competitive line up of ladies. This resulted in a brother sister run off. She was also 4 intermediate in group. Handled by breeder Star Gallagher. Well done!!

March 16 Tristan completed his AtoZ tricks

March 20/21 Conformation, AU. First shows in over 18 months and Lucifer was DCC, rubob and state bred in group under Ms D Norman and BOB the following day under Glenda Goller. Congrats to owner/handler/breeder Shari and Paul! 

Feb 27  B’s BCAT.

Jan 28 Rally Obedience. Rikki earned her Rally Excellent RE title!

2 0 2 0  N E W S

Rikki finished the year #1 Advanced A Rally whippet, and #1 Excellent A Rally whippet, #11 AKC Agility whippet. Dustyn tied for 17th of 68 Rally Novice whippets  

Dec 30 Title #60 for Tristan, earning his VHM Virtual Home Manners.

Oct 18 AKC Coursing, Junction City, OR. Hellcat was first in Open for a 5 point major!  in a stake of 18 Open Whippets

Oct 11 Enid, Oklahoma. Tess (Hamrya DelCrown Tess Trueheart) was WB under Dana Cline for her first points, owner handled.

Oct 10 Buckhorn KC Cheyenne, Wyoming. Maeve was BOB.

Oct 4 Maeve finished her ASFA FCh!

Oct 4 Back to barn Hunt – Dustyn qualified with a Senior leg and High in Class.

Oct 3 ALCA coursing, AB. Sedona was third in a field of 13 whippets.

Oct 3-4  AKC shows, ID. Buddy was handled to two major reserves, owner  handled  by Sandy Koch.

Oct 2  Barn Hunt, BC. Dustyn finished his Open RATO in 3 of 3 trials, and all with placements in Novice and Open

Sept 27  Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club, AKC coursing, Hillsdale, Wyoming. Maeve was BIF for a 4 pt major and finished her SC.

Sept 27  Macaroni completed his BCAT

Sept 19 Foothills Gazehound coursing. Sedona was second in a field of 21 whippets!

Sept 19 Arapahoe. Maeve had a nice start to her Specials career with a 3 point major select.

Sept 18 Arapahoe show, CO. Maeve (Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan) finished her AmCH!

Sept 13 Western Gazehound Sprinters. Dustyn earned his S and Chaska and Willy earned their NS.

Sept 7 FVR barn hunt. Dustyn passed both his move ups to Open class, including a High in Class.

Sept 6 FVR barn hunt. Fino was High in Class at the barn hunt trial, her first weekend out.

Sept 6 USRCC coursing. Hellcat was BOB.

Sept 5 Alberta Lure Coursing Assoc Coursing Show and Go. Sedona was WD/BOW and Poppy was WB/BOS over Specials at the show following coursing.

Sept 5 Fraser Valley Ratters, Agassiz. Dustyn completed his Barn Hunt Novice RATN title to make it 30 titles. Then on to the SDDA scent work trial, where we had entered 2 components in Excellent level for the first time. He thought one of the containers was really fun, picking up the fluffy bag and shaking and killing it, so he had a fun if not a successful run. Then he got down to it and passed his Excellent Interior his first try.

Jul 30 Fino (Lotty Majesticanis ETD SDN SDIN) earned her Expert Trick Dog title.

Jul 24 Saga completed her AKC Grand Champion AmGCh title.

Jul 8 Tristan completed his Universal Canine HASA title, as the first titled whippet in the organization.

Dustyn did a few short dock diving lessons last month, and we decided to go for it and entered 5 Splashes at the Abbotsford NADD trials. The first day it rained and rained.. He is just at the point of making a stationary jump off the end, but even so, his distance improved and his last jump of 12’2” was his personal best. His consistency earned his Junior title DJ – so pleased!

June 22 Dustyn completed his IDP Parkour 4 Feet On PKD1-FF.

May 27Dustyn completed his IDP Parkour Under PKD1-UN.

May 26 We congratulate Susan and Joanne on Teenie’s litter of 10 beautiful pups – 4 boys and 6 girls!
Unfortunately one precious girl was lost.

May 18 Dustyn passed his 3 Rally obedience novice runs in AKC’s virtual rally program on his first try for his RN. He hasn’t taken any classes and just had basic prep training, and to make it more challenging, we submitted our first try videos, to make it a little more like a trial setting where you just have one shot at it. He was a happy, responsive worker through it all, even on a drizzly day with wet grass for one run. He especially enjoyed the Fast Pace, where he sprung up in the air from his sit and and landed almost at the Normal pace sign.

Dustyn completed the International Dog Parkour Novice PKD-N

Mar 30 Tristan and Dustyn completed their Quarantine Parkour title PKQT-COVID.

Feb 23 Western Gazehound CKC Scentwork, Maple Ridge. It was cold, windy and wet, but Tristan had a blast at his first trial of the year, finishing his Open title SDO with authority. Good work little man!

Feb 21 Mt Cheam show. Dustyn was BOB under Tabitha Buckley-Bettis. Tristan grand daughter Bonnie was WB for her first points.

Feb 17 SDDA scentwork. Dustyn qualified for another Adv Interior with a 3rd in class.

Feb 16/17 SDDA scentwork. Siren was 5/6 at her 1st SDDA trial, finishing her Started SP title, 2nd in interiors, 3rd overall. Next day moved up to Advanced for 2 more Qs.

Feb 16 UKC shows. Hellcat was BOB twice for 2 wins toward her Grand.

Feb 16 CWA meet. Boomer was 5th in meet to take the first set of ARX points (5) to finish his ARX title – racing championship! Huge congrats to breeder Donna Miner and owners Susan Ford and Ivan Cordrey!

Feb 15 show, Poland. Sonny (1/5) very promising and Best Puppy and Mei (1/1) very promising.

Feb 8 Barn Hunt, BC. Chaska completed her RATI and a Novice leg with a third in class.

Feb 1 Sahuaro State KC, AZ. Ivy (Hamrya Regalia The Desert Archive) was RWB to a major, and Best Puppy under David Samuelson.

Jan 25 C-WAGS scentwork, BC. Aurora and Siren finish Level 2 C-WAGS CW-SD.

Jan 19 CKC scentwork, BC. Fino at exactly 6 months completed her Instinct and Novice titles.

Jan 19 Columbus KC, GA, USA. Boomer was WD/BOW for a 3 point major under Gary Newton, handled by Rachel Rehberg.

Jan 4/5 IABCA International shows, WA. A nice brush up on shows for Tristan, who received his VetCH, and Dustyn his IntCH. Chaska finished her Baby Puppy title NatBA and Willy (DelCrown Hamrya Little Face Finny) his NatJR puppy title at 7 months.