2019/2020 news

2 0 2 0  N E W S

Rikki finished the year #1 Advanced Rally whippet, and #1 Excellent A Rally whippet, #11 AKC Agility whippet. Dustyn tied for 17th of 68 Rally Novice whippets.

Dec 30 Title #60 for Tristan, earning his VHM Virtual Home Manners.

Oct 18 AKC Coursing, Junction City, OR. Hellcat was first in Open for a 5 point major!  in a stake of 18 Open Whippets

Oct 11 Enid, Oklahoma. Tess (Hamrya DelCrown Tess Trueheart) was WB under Dana Cline for her first points, owner handled.

Oct 10 Buckhorn KC Cheyenne, Wyoming. Maeve was BOB.

Oct 4 Maeve finished her ASFA FCh!

Oct 4 Back to barn Hunt – Dustyn qualified with a Senior leg and High in Class.

Oct 3 ALCA coursing, AB. Sedona was third in a field of 13 whippets.

Oct 3-4  AKC shows, ID. Buddy was handled to two major reserves, owner  handled  by Sandy Koch.

Oct 2  Barn Hunt, BC. Dustyn finished his Open RATO in 3 of 3 trials, and all with placements in Novice and Open

Sept 27  Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club, AKC coursing, Hillsdale, Wyoming. Maeve was BIF for a 4 pt major and finished her SC.

Sept 27  Macaroni completed his BCAT

Sept 19 Foothills Gazehound coursing. Sedona was second in a field of 21 whippets!

Sept 19 Arapahoe. Maeve had a nice start to her Specials career with a 3 point major select.

Sept 18 Arapahoe show, CO. Maeve (Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan) finished her AmCH!

Sept 13 Western Gazehound Sprinters. Dustyn earned his S and Chaska and Willy earned their NS.

Sept 7 FVR barn hunt. Dustyn passed both his move ups to Open class, including a High in Class.

Sept 6 FVR barn hunt. Fino was High in Class at the barn hunt trial, her first weekend out.

Sept 6 USRCC coursing. Hellcat was BOB.

Sept 5 Alberta Lure Coursing Assoc Coursing Show and Go. Sedona was WD/BOW and Poppy was WB/BOS over Specials at the show following coursing.

Sept 5 Fraser Valley Ratters, Agassiz. Dustyn completed his Barn Hunt Novice RATN title to make it 30 titles. Then on to the SDDA scent work trial, where we had entered 2 components in Excellent level for the first time. He thought one of the containers was really fun, picking up the fluffy bag and shaking and killing it, so he had a fun if not a successful run. Then he got down to it and passed his Excellent Interior his first try.

Jul 30 Fino (Lotty Majesticanis ETD SDN SDIN) earned her Expert Trick Dog title.

Jul 24 Saga completed her AKC Grand Champion AmGCh title.

Jul 8 Tristan completed his Universal Canine HASA title, as the first titled whippet in the organization.

Dustyn did a few short dock diving lessons last month, and we decided to go for it and entered 5 Splashes at the Abbotsford NADD trials. The first day it rained and rained.. He is just at the point of making a stationary jump off the end, but even so, his distance improved and his last jump of 12’2” was his personal best. His consistency earned his Junior title DJ – so pleased!

June 22 Dustyn completed his IDP Parkour 4 Feet On PKD1-FF.

May 27Dustyn completed his IDP Parkour Under PKD1-UN.

May 26 We congratulate Susan and Joanne on Teenie’s litter of 10 beautiful pups – 4 boys and 6 girls!
Unfortunately one precious girl was lost.

May 18 Dustyn passed his 3 Rally obedience novice runs in AKC’s virtual rally program on his first try for his RN. He hasn’t taken any classes and just had basic prep training, and to make it more challenging, we submitted our first try videos, to make it a little more like a trial setting where you just have one shot at it. He was a happy, responsive worker through it all, even on a drizzly day with wet grass for one run. He especially enjoyed the Fast Pace, where he sprung up in the air from his sit and and landed almost at the Normal pace sign.

Dustyn completed the International Dog Parkour Novice PKD-N

Mar 30 Tristan and Dustyn completed their Quarantine Parkour title PKQT-COVID.

Feb 23 Western Gazehound CKC Scentwork, Maple Ridge. It was cold, windy and wet, but Tristan had a blast at his first trial of the year, finishing his Open title SDO with authority. Good work little man!

Feb 21 Mt Cheam show. Dustyn was BOB under Tabitha Buckley-Bettis. Tristan grand daughter Bonnie was WB for her first points.

Feb 17 SDDA scentwork. Dustyn qualified for another Adv Interior with a 3rd in class.

Feb 16/17 SDDA scentwork. Siren was 5/6 at her 1st SDDA trial, finishing her Started SP title, 2nd in interiors, 3rd overall. Next day moved up to Advanced for 2 more Qs.

Feb 16 UKC shows. Hellcat was BOB twice for 2 wins toward her Grand.

Feb 16 CWA meet. Boomer was 5th in meet to take the first set of ARX points (5) to finish his ARX title – racing championship! Huge congrats to breeder Donna Miner and owners Susan Ford and Ivan Cordrey!

Feb 15 show, Poland. Sonny (1/5) very promising and Best Puppy and Mei (1/1) very promising.

Feb 8 Barn Hunt, BC. Chaska completed her RATI and a Novice leg with a third in class.

Feb 1 Sahuaro State KC, AZ. Ivy (Hamrya Regalia The Desert Archive) was RWB to a major, and Best Puppy under David Samuelson.

Jan 25 C-WAGS scentwork, BC. Aurora and Siren finish Level 2 C-WAGS CW-SD.

Jan 19 CKC scentwork, BC. Fino at exactly 6 months completed her Instinct and Novice titles.

Jan 19 Columbus KC, GA, USA. Boomer was WD/BOW for a 3 point major under Gary Newton, handled by Rachel Rehberg.

Jan 4/5 IABCA International shows, WA. A nice brush up on shows for Tristan, who received his VetCH, and Dustyn his IntCH. Chaska finished her Baby Puppy title NatBA and Willy (DelCrown Hamrya Little Face Finny) his NatJR puppy title at 7 months.

2 0 1 9  N E W S

Year end stats:
#7 coursing whippet all breeds in 2019
– Ch Domino Neon Carrot RN CDX NS FCh

Dec 8 Ridgefield show, WA. At his first show, Hoby was WD/BOS for his first point under Judge Mark Lucas, just turning 6 months.

Dec 7/8 MAWA CWA meet. 3 and 4 more ARX points for Boomer, plus his TRP.

Dec 7 Greater Clark county Ridgefield show, WA. Only entered one day, Toro picked up 2 points with WD/BOW/BOS over Specials /Best Bred By under Linda Scanlon, owner handled by Kim Newell.

Dec 1 Southern California lure coursing, CA. Hellcat had a fabulous day, going BIF for a 5 point major!

Nov 18 Greater Sierra Vista KC, AZ. Scorch was WD for his first point, handled by breeder/owner Donna Lynch.

Nov 17 Coursing. Maeve won the ASFA Region 3 Regional Invitational – Best in Event. She was BOB the previous day as well.

Nov 11 AZ Specialty. Scorch was Best in Sweeps and littermate Ivy was BOS under Shawna McKay.

Nov 10 Framingham District KC, MA. Joy was WB for another 2 points under Mr. Michael Forte.

Nov 10 SDDA Surrey. Dustyn was entered in his first Advanced trial, and was almost a clean sweep. Qs in Containers and Interior, and handler error on Exterior.

Nov 9 SMART CWA. Boomer had a great day, with 2 ARX points, a second in the match under breeder judge Kelly Riney, and tied for high combined.

Nov 3 OR. Mouse had a fabulous weekend, finishing her Rally Novice RN and 2 legs toward her BN.

Nov 3 AZ coursing. Tessa was BIF for her second coursing major.

Oct 30 AK. Saga finished Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate TKD, TKI.

Oct 27 UKC show, ON. Jack finished his UKC Championship. Congratulations to owner/breeder Nancy Rose for your first UKC CH!

Oct 26 Camrose show, AB. Gita (Aberle Good Morning Starshine) was Best Baby Puppy in Group.

Oct 23 Chaska finished her first title at 13 weeks – DMWYD Trick Dog Novice NTD

Oct 19 Markim Annual Match,CA. Sissy (DelCrown Hamraya’s Moon Maid) was Best Puppy In Match and was second in line up for Best of the Best in Match..with an entry of 124 entries from 3-6 months to Champions of record. Congrats to breeder/handler Adrienne!

Oct 13  Maeve finishes her BCAT.

Oct 12 Stormhold welcomes Chaska to Canada! We are very grateful to breeder Ania Spigarska and sister Magdalena for escorting her from Poland to Canada. We appreciate your efforts to make this all happen; from all the adventures before the breeding, raising the puppies and organizing the trip to Canada.

This girl has attitude and expect that she will have Tristan and Dustyn wrapped around her paw in no time. We adore her already.

Chaska (Loara Stormhold at Majesticanis) is bred by Maja Dabrowska and Anna Spigarska. 12.5 weeks

Oct 9 Dustyn is the youngest dog ever to receive Level 5 and ADP Parkour Championship!

Now at 11 months old, 20 titles in 5 venues, and 3 Championships,

Oct 6 Oak Ridge KC, TN. Rikki is WB for a 5 pt major under Jon Cole! 16 bitches entered. Congrats to owners Susan and Rick, and handler Rachel Rehberg.

Oct 6 CWA meet. Rowan was High Combined, with 2 ARX and a third placement in the match.

Oct 6 CKC agility, Kelowna. Mars earns his Jumps and Tunnels JT.

Oct 5 DDKC fun match. Dodger was Baby Puppy Best in Show at his debut.

Sep 27/28/29 Tri-Cities cluster, WA. A trip to see grandpuppies in WA was combined with attending these shows for the first time. Lovely grounds under huge trees and next to the river. Dustyn picked up a couple of singles at these supported entries, with WD/BOS under breeder judge Tracy Hite, reserve the next day, and WD/BOW and BOS over a Special on the last day under Mr. Wayne Thompson.
Sep 29 Dustyn ADP-L4.

Sep 22 Rikki Master Agility AX.

Sep 21/22 Maeve BOB for another 2 points, then BOB for 1 point.

Sep 21/22 AU show. Lucifer was DCC x 2, Best Junior in Group x 3, RUBOB, and sister Stellar was Best Puppy in Group x 3, RUBOB and Best Puppy in Show on Sunday.

Sep 20 Dustyn Trick Dog Performer TKP.

Sep 15 Dustyn ADP-L3.

Sep 14/15 Western Gazehound coursing, Langley. Grandpuppy Zoleen (Stormhold Zarina Zoleen) was 2nd, then BOB at her first official coursing event, to pick up 2/3 of points toward her field championship.

Sep 10 Dustyn Trick Dog Champion! TDCH

Sep 9 Dustyn Parkour Dog in Training PKD-T (for dogs under 18 months).

Sep 8 Mars finished his Canadian Field Championship FCH – way to go!

Sep 8 Dustyn CKC Scent Detection Novice SDN for his 10th title at 10 months old.

Sep 7 Bellingham Hound Specialty, WA. Dustyn just entered today and was RWD.

Sep 7/8 Maeve picked up 2 more points.
Sister Mouse passed her first Rally leg with a 96!

Sep 7/8 Celeste was BOB/BEST IN GROUP at 10.5 months age under Ms Phegan, then onto BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. She also snagged another Puppy in Group and a second in sweeps the next day.

Sep 5 Dustyn Trick Dog Expert ETD.

Sep 2 coursing UT. Tessa was BOB her first coursing major.

Aug 31 Cee (Domino Neon Carrot) was WD/BOW/BOS at the QUEON Sighthound Specialty to finish his CanCH. Tristan’s 15th CanCH.

Aug 31 Coursing, Utah. Tess (Crossfyre Anasazi Testarossa) was BOB for a 3 pt coursing major. She won the Open class the next day.

Aug 31 Celeste (Whiparoo Heaven Can Wait) was WB/BOB and Group 2 for CC points, then WB, Group 2 again. Way to go breeder handler Shari!

Aug 31 Dustyn went 3/3 at his first SDDA scent work trial, to complete his Started title with Special designation SD-S (SP).

Aug 31 Maeve picked up a reserve to a major.

Dustyn ADP-L2.

Aug 30 Dustyn Trick Dog Advanced ATD.

Aug 25 Cee was High in Trial in his first outdoor obedience. Way to go Cee and Kate!

Aug 24 Langley, BC. Mars finished his Sprinter title S (500 points).

Aug 18 Wachusett KC, MA. Joy was WB/OHBOB for another single under Michael Faulkner.

Aug 16 Dustyn finished his Trick Dog Intermediate ITD.

Aug 12 Greater Racine KC, WI. Rowan was WD for a single under Marjorie Martorella.

Aug 3 WWWA Whippet Specialty. Toro (Chelsea Madrid) was WD/BOW for a 3 pt major under breeder judge Robin Barry. Huge congratulations to owner/breeder Kim Newell!

July 26-28 Cook Inlet shows, AK. Saga picked up 2 BOB and 2 BOS for 14 GCh points.

July 28 Ratatat Barn Hunt, Snohomish. Dustyn had his Barn Hunt debut and passed his Instinct RATI test, and got a leg in novice with a second place.

July 27 Saga Rally Novice RN.

July 27 Another major accomplishment checked off today for Tristan – new Sporting Detection Champion!

Tristan’s last trial run finished his excellent title, and today’s run completed his scent work SDDA SD-CH. It was sketchy when we did the walk through and there was a rabbit right next to the search area, but thankfully it disappeared in time for our run. I believe there was only 1 other dog to qualify in Excellent Exteriors today.

We enjoyed the fabulous venue today chosen by K9 Scentinels, and the lovely rosette.

So pleased with the continued effort he put into a most fun and challenging sport.

After this, we were off to the Western Gazehound Specialty in Surrey, where Dustyn was Select Dog under Roberta Parish.

July 27 Providence County KC, RI. Joy was WB/BOS for another point under Paula Hartinger.

July 26 Cheyenne, Wyoming. Maeve was BOB for a 5 pt major under Dana Cline.

July 17 Our beloved Tanzy

CanCH, AltCH, AC Swiftsure Tanzania AgNJ, FCH, RATI, PR, TRP, DPC, SR

Aug 18, 2006 – July 17, 2019

Tanzy was my very first dog, and a week later we knew she needed her brother to be happy when we weren’t there. She took good care of her brother. She had a lot of personality and would always have her place at the head of the pack. She had a bubble around her that puppies and young dogs knew not to enter. A look was all it took, much to our amusement. Even so, often she would be the one that guest dogs would cuddle up to first.

She was a master at the bait and switch when she wanted others’ toys or treats.

She loved her beach runs and the great outdoor hikes we shared. Crunching crabs and digging at shells at the beach.

She loved to explore her yard, and would see her trotting across the yard with her catch of the day, often a mole.

She would roo roo when I came home, tail wagging. She was quiet and sweet, never asking for anything except to be with you.

Many thanks to Linda and Steve for giving us some of the best memories of our lives.

I don’t know how I could get through this without Marco. He is strong when I can’t be.

Fly to the angels, sweet Tanzy. Smokey is waiting for you.

July 12 Our beloved Smokey

CanCh, FCh Swiftsure Cameroon DPC, TRPX, PR4, SR, OTR, MADC, MJDC, MSDC, VBA, ExSt Bronze, ExJ Bronze, ExSn Bronze, AGDC, AGI, AGIJ, OJP, NAP, RE, CRNMCL, AmRN, RATI, RATN, CGN, CGC

Aug 18, 2006 – July 12, 2019

Our hearts are broken with the loss of Smoke. He and his sister were my first dogs, and he taught us so many things about the world of dogs. We made so many new and valued friends.

He would willingly do all things with us. We experimented in agility and went on to great accomplishments there. He loved to work with his people.

Smoke was known for being a wild tiger at the boxes when racing. Later on, he was known for picking his own blackberries, getting up in the middle of the night to do his rounds in case someone left the dog food pantry door open, and waiting impatiently for Marco to get him to the truck for his nightly Tim Horton’s drive.

I am very grateful to have Rhonda and Linné here to help Marco and I get through this. We are also very thankful to the comfort offered this weekend. Thank you to Linda and Steve for entrusting us with a very special boy.

Smoke. Sweet. Kind. Gentle.

As a friend once said, ‘to know Smoke is to love Smoke’.

We will miss you terribly, dear Smoke. I will envision you just like this, wrapped in love.

July 12 – 14 NWCC National Specialty weekend, Abbotsford. We were grateful for the distraction of the Canadian National Specialty and associated Specialties this weekend. Still a little overcome about our boy Dustyn and the recognition he received at each show.

At just 8 months old, Dustyn finished his Canadian Championship in 2 days/3 shows/4 entries.

This weekend, at the morning WCOBC Specialty, he was WD for 4 points / Best Puppy in Specialty under Dr. Lisa Costello.

At the afternoon NWCC Regional Specialty, he was WD for 4 points / Best Puppy / AOM under Tracy Hite, to finish his Can CH.

On Saturday he was awarded Best Puppy at the Canadian National Specialty under Ake Cronander.

On Sunday at the LMWA Specialty, he was awarded Select Dog for 5 GCH points under Judy Lowther.

My eternal thanks to Shari and Paul for entrusting us with our super fun young man.

Many thanks to the show committee that put on another spectacular event with wonderful prizes, food and amazing auction donations. I so enjoyed meeting with whippeteers that have never visited before, and catching up with many others.

Dustyn is now titled in Conformation, Trick Dog and Parkour, GCH majored, and majored in AKC conformation.

Maeve (Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan) was WB/BOW under Lisa Costello.

Zarina (CanCH Hilerica Saturna) was BOB Altered under Lisa Costello and Judy Lowther, and WB Altered at the National, picking up 6 points.
Winston (CanCH Hilerica Tigh Na Mara ARX, DPCX, TRP, PR) was also awarded Select Dog under Lisa Costello in the only show entered as a Special, with many thanks to Linné Wagner for handling him. He was Second in the Racing class at the National.

July 11 Phantom (Whiparoo Mischief in Heaven) finished Trick Novice NTD.

July 9 Dustyn finished his level 1 All Dogs Parkour ADP-L1 at 8 months.

July 4 Baby Tatum (Hamrya’s Desert Jewel) was BOB in her 4-6 class and went on to win a Hound Group 2.

June 30 Mt. Bachelor show, OR. Toro was WD/BOW.

June 29 Nicola Valley KC, Merritt. Dustyn attended his first official Canadian shows, with zero other class dogs and some Specials. He was BOB over Specials and Group 3, for 3 points under Mr. Michael Hill.

June 28 Rowan was BOW under Judith Brown.

June 22 Mid-Hudson Kennel Assoc, NY. Joy picks up another point under Priscilla Gabosch. Baby puppy Puffin was Best Baby Puppy and Baby Puppy Group 3.

June 18 OR Mouse (Crossfyre Fiery Furnace) got her CGC title. Good girl!

June 15 CWA race meet. Rowan has another good day, picking up 2 more ARX points and First in Match.

June 15 RMBC AKC lure trial. Maeve was BOB at her first trial.

June 14/ 15 Hillsboro, OR. Cascade specialties. Dustyn enjoyed his first Specialty shows, and he took the travelling, hotel stay and shows all in stride.
They were his first outdoor shows, only entered on Friday and Saturday, and tried his hardest to be a good boy with all the excitement. He was first in the 6 – 9 class Friday under Wendy Gay and Saturday under Mr. Joe Buchanan. Only entered in one sweeps, under Mrs. Pat Hastings he won the Cascade Hound show puppy sweeps and then went on to place Group 4th in Hound Puppy Group sweeps. Toro won his large Open class under Joe Light.

June 15 Australia. Stellar had a fantastic weekend with 2 BOBs, on to Group 2nds and then onto both Puppy in Shows. Stellar now has 40 points towards her title, and 6 Puppy in Show awards by 7.5 months old.

June 9 Eerie Shores Gazehound Ontario Specialty, ON. Jack was shown just 1 day this Specialty weekend, and was WD under breeder judge George Kostopoulos to finish his Canadian Championship! Now CH Hilerica Legal Alien O’Kisharo.

June 7 Crystal Aberle-Crookshanks welcomed 7 puppies in Alberta, Canada. Congratulations Maggie on your lovely litter.

June 4 Adrienne Dente and Donna Lynch welcomed 8 puppies in CA, USA. Congratulations to Tipsy for her beautiful brood.

June 2 CWA meet. Rowan again finished with a 4th and top set of 3 ARX points.

June 1 CWA meet. Rowan has his second weekend out, finishing with a 4th and top set of 3 ARX points, first in match with a DPC leg for High Combined.

June 1 Bowen CK shows, AU. Stellar was BOB over Supreme Champions, then on to Best Puppy in show at BOTH shows at just 7 months of age. Congratulations to owner/handler Lana and breeder Shari and Paul.

May 25 Cee finished his CD with a High in Trial! Way to go Kate and Cee!

May 25 Fun match, CT. 3 month old Puffin had a nice day. The first show, she was BOS at her first show in the 3 – 6 month class. Joy was BOB adult and Gr 1. At the second show under Callie Potts, Puffin was BOB baby puppy and Gr 1.

May 20 NW cluster, WA. Dustyn’s had a wonderful AKC show debut weekend, today resulting in WD/BOW/BOS over specials for his first major at 6 months old! Judge Mr. Kerry Lee (Au). He commented on his ground covering gait, lovely pigment, pretty head and eye.

May 19 Chintimini coursing, OR. Mouse (Crossfyre Fiery Furnace) completed her JC.

May 18/19 Charters Towers, AU. Lucifer (Whiparoo Cast From Heaven) 6.5 months was 1 x RDCC under Mrs Collicut and DCC for his first points under Mr Collicut. Celeste (Whiparoo Heaven Can Wait) was 3 x Minor Puppy in Group. Stellar (Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan) had her second Best Puppy in Show under Mr Collicut for her 2nd Puppy in Show.

May 18 Mack and Joy finished their JC title. Cee finished his CanFCH with a BOB!

May 17 Bell Vernon show, WA. Dustyn’s first American show resulted in Winners Dog for his first point under Lisa Warren. Good job little man!

May 11 agility. Boomer Qs all his runs for his ACT1 and ACT2 titles.

May 5 Shetland Sheepdog Club CKC Sent trial, Chilliwack. At the first CKC scent work trial in BC (second one in Canada), it was fun to run Tristan as a Novice dog again, and he gained his SDN by Qing all 3 of his runs, making him the second so titled whippet in Canada, a day after daughter Aurora. I also ran Dustyn, barely 6 months, and wasn’t feeling so great as the day went on, so made some handler errors that didn’t do him any favours. Sorry, little man. We did pass the Interior search for his first Q. But, he did a fantastic job for barely over 6 months, and found all the hides, and would have qualified in them all if it weren’t for his handler.

May 3 – 5 Cairns shows, AU. Lucifer at 6 months 1 week- 1 x puppy of breed,1 x RDCC – his first and 2 firsts in sweeps.
Celeste at 6 months 1 week – 4 x minor puppy of breed, 4 x Minor in Group and 1 first in sweeps.

May 3 beehive cluster, UT. Hellcat was WB for her first point, handled by breeder/owner Liz Campbell.

Apr 27 PVKC show, AU. Stellar was Best Puppy in Show on her exact 6 month birthday! Huge congrats to owner Lana McCrindle and breeders Shari Gallaher and Paul Walsh.

Apr 20 Ingham shows, AU. Shari handled the pups in Baby Puppy, their first shows, and Celeste (Whiparoo Heaven Can Wait) was Best Baby Puppy in Group twice.

Apr 20 AKC Rally, AK. Saga and owner Stephanie received a Q of a score of 95 and 4th place. The day before they qualified as well.

Apr 17 AWC National Specialty, Kansas, USA. Maeve (Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan) was 2nd in 9 – 12 mo bitch class at the National! (26 bitches present, the second largest bitch class). Judge Lisa Costello.

Mar 23 K9 Scentinels trial, Agassi. We had a scentsational single run in SDDA scent work Excellent Exterior. Tristan was the only dog in the Amateur division to qualify, which made him Top Dog, and finished his Excellent title (Sporting Detection Excellent SD-E). He joins just 2 other whippets with the title, including daughter Aurora.

Mar 16 AWC Easter Specialty. Luka was SD at the Specialty under Lesley Potts.

Mar 9 AWC Supported entry show, Franklin, TN. Rikki was WB and BOW for a 5 point major! Littermate Boomer was RWD. Judge Eric Liebes.

Mar 9 Potter was 2nd in coursing.

Mar 2 Garden City KC, KS. The lovey Maeve (Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan) was WB, then on to BOB for a 3 point major! Judge Amy Sorbie. Maeve is handled by Don and Carol Vollenberg.

Mar 2 Rikki finished her Novice Jumpers with Weaves NAJ with another first, and in 3 of 3 runs!

Mar 2 Victoria City shows, Van Island. Jasmine (Hilerica Miss Demeanor) was WB/BOB over 4 specials for a nice win, under Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen Luhtikylant (Finland).

March 2/3 Boomer was bridesmaid to ARX points both days, and second in the match under Susie Hughes.

Feb 24 Mt Cheam show, Chilliwack. Dustyn was Best Baby Puppy in Group under Beth Warman (New Zealand). At the limited breed Gazehound show, Aurora was WB to finish her Canadian Championship, owner handled by Ariana Jones.

Feb 24 SMART CWA. Boomer had a wonderful debut, finishing in 6th place for 2 ARX points!

Feb 17 Connecticut, MA. A beautiful singleton puppy is born to Loon and Tristan, bred by Donna Miner.

Feb 16 Farmington UKC show, Utah. Hellcat completed her UKC CH, handled by owner Liz Campbell.

Feb 12 AZ. Kizzy has a beautiful litter of 4 boys and 4 girls. Congratulations to breeder Donna Lynch!

Feb 9 AKC scentwork. Rowan completes his SHDN Scent work handler discrimination title.

Feb 3 Great Barrington KC, MA. Mack is now Grand Champion Domino Macaroni and Cheese, finishing with a 5 pt major. Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Donna Miner!

Feb 3 Lost Dutchman KC, AZ. CC picked up another GCh major (4 pt) under Judge Luis Sosa. The next day another Select.

Jan 31 Arizona Whippet Assoc Specialty, AZ. CC was WB/BOW and BOBOH for another 4 pt major under breeder judge Kathy Davenport, to finish her AmCH! The next day, she was SB for her first 4 pt GCh major.

Jan 23 We’re very excited to welcome Dustyn to Stormhold Whippets!

We are extremely grateful to breeders Shari Gallagher and Paul Walsh for allowing this sweet and confident puppy to make his way from Australia to join us in Canada – welcome little man! This litter is the result of 3 years of planning, and we are honoured to be entrusted with one of these precious youngsters. He is settling in well, thanks very much to all the hard work Shari and Paul put toward his upbringing.
Dustyn is Whiparoo Storm in Heaven

Jan 20 Rikki completed her agility ACT1.