2019 news

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May 19 Chintimini coursing, OR. Mouse (Crossfyre Fiery Furnace) completed her JC.

May 18/19 Charters Towers, AU. Lucifer (Whiparoo Cast From Heaven) 6.5 months was 1 x RDCC under Mrs Collicut and DCC for his first points under Mr Collicut. Celeste (Whiparoo Heaven Can Wait) was 3 x Minor Puppy in Group. Stellar (Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan) had her second Best Puppy in Show under Mr Collicut for her 2nd Puppy in Show.

May 18 Mack and Joy finished their JC title. Cee finished his CanFCH with a BOB!

May 17 Bell Vernon show, WA. Dustyn’s first American show resulted in Winners Dog for his first point under Lisa Warren. Good job little man!

May 11 agility. Boomer Qs all his runs for his ACT1 and ACT2 titles.

May 5 Shetland Sheepdog Club CKC Sent trial, Chilliwack. At the first CKC scent work trial in BC (second one in Canada), it was fun to run Tristan as a Novice dog again, and he gained his SDN by Qing all 3 of his runs, making him the second so titled whippet in Canada, a day after daughter Aurora. I also ran Dustyn, barely 6 months, and wasn’t feeling so great as the day went on, so made some handler errors that didn’t do him any favours. Sorry, little man. We did pass the Interior search for his first Q. But, he did a fantastic job for barely over 6 months, and found all the hides, and would have qualified in them all if it weren’t for his handler.

May 3 – 5 Cairns shows, AU. Lucifer at 6 months 1 week- 1 x puppy of breed,1 x RDCC – his first and 2 firsts in sweepies.
Celeste at 6 months 1 week – 4 x minor puppy of breed, 4 x Minor in Group and 1 first in sweepies.

May 3 beehive cluster, UT. Hellcat was WB for her first point, handled by breeder/owner Liz Campbell.

Apr 27 PVKC show, AU. Stellar was Best Puppy in Show on her exact 6 month birthday! Huge congrats to owner Lana McCrindle and breeders Shari Gallaher and Paul Walsh.

Apr 20 Ingham shows, AU. Shari handled the pups in Baby Puppy, their first shows, and Celeste (Whiparoo Heaven Can Wait) was Best Baby Puppy in Group twice.

Apr 20 AKC Rally, AK. Saga and owner Stephanie received a Q of a score of 95 and 4th place. The day before they qualified as well.

Apr 17 AWC National Specialty, Kansas, USA. Maeve (Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan) was 2nd in 9 – 12 mo bitch class at the National! (26 bitches present, the second largest bitch class). Judge Lisa Costello.

Mar 23 K9 Scentinels trial, Agassi. We had a scentsational single run in SDDA scent work Excellent Exterior. Tristan was the only dog in the Amateur division to qualify, which made him Top Dog, and finished his Excellent title (Sporting Detection Excellent SD-E). He joins just 2 other whippets with the title, including daughter Aurora.

Mar 16 AWC Easter Specialty. Luka was SD at the Specialty under Lesley Potts.

Mar 9 AWC Supported entry show, Franklin, TN. Rikki was WB and BOW for a 5 point major! Littermate Boomer was RWD. Judge Eric Liebes.

Mar 9 Potter was 2nd in coursing.

Mar 2 Garden City KC, KS. The lovey Maeve (Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan) was WB, then on to BOB for a 3 point major! Judge Amy Sorbie. Maeve is handled by Don and Carol Vollenberg.

Mar 2 Rikki finished her Novice Jumpers with Weaves NAJ with another first, and in 3 of 3 runs!

Mar 2 Victoria City shows, Van Island. Jasmine (Hilerica Miss Demeanor) was WB/BOB over 4 specials for a nice win, under Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen Luhtikylant (Finland).

March 2/3 Boomer was bridesmaid to ARX points both days, and second in the match under Susie Hughes.

Feb 24 Mt Cheam show, Chilliwack. Dustyn was Best Baby Puppy in Group under Beth Warman (New Zealand). At the limited breed Gazehound show, Aurora was WB to finish her Canadian Championship, owner handled by Ariana Jones.

Feb 24 SMART CWA. Boomer had a wonderful debut, finishing in 6th place for 2 ARX points!

Feb 17 Connecticut, MA. A beautiful singleton puppy is born to Loon and Tristan, bred by Donna Miner.

Feb 16 Farmington UKC show, Utah. Hellcat completed her UKC CH, handled by owner Liz Campbell.

Feb 12 AZ. Kizzy has a beautiful litter of 4 boys and 4 girls. Congratulations to breeder Donna Lynch!

Feb 9 AKC scentwork. Rowan completes his SHDN Scent work handler discrimination title.

Feb 3 Great Barrington KC, MA. Mack is now Grand Champion Domino Macaroni and Cheese, finishing with a 5 pt major. Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Donna Miner!

Feb 3 Lost Dutchman KC, AZ. CC picked up another GCh major (4 pt) under Judge Luis Sosa. The next day another Select.

Jan 31 Arizona Whippet Assoc Specialty, AZ. CC was WB/BOW and BOBOH for another 4 pt major under breeder judge Kathy Davenport, to finish her AmCH! The next day, she was SB for her first 4 pt GCh major.

Jan 23 We’re very excited to welcome Dustyn to Stormhold Whippets!

We are extremely grateful to breeders Shari Gallagher and Paul Walsh for allowing this sweet and confident puppy to make his way from Australia to join us in Canada – welcome little man! This litter is the result of 3 years of planning, and we are honoured to be entrusted with one of these precious youngsters. He is settling in well, thanks very much to all the hard work Shari and Paul put toward his upbringing.
Dustyn is Whiparoo Storm in Heaven

Jan 20 Rikki completed her agility ACT1.