2014 news

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Dec 12/13/14 Auld Lang show, Chilliwack. A great last show weekend of the year for the boys. Very pleased with presenting the boys – Djinn (Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn) was only entered friday and went WD for two points.

The next day was the show debut for Thias (Ocean’s Burnt Almond), 6 months after his injury. He showed well after all his time off, with WD and BOS over a special! I couldn’t be happier to have him at the end of the lead after everything he’s been through.

Sunday’s show was a repeat performance – Thias WD/BOS over a special.

At the Georgia Rag Racing meet the same weekend, TJ (Raybar’s Foolish Heart) ran his first official CWA race as the only puppy. He was second in the conformation match under judge Wendy Gay, earning his first leg on a DPC (Dual Purpose Championship). So proud of breeder/owner/handler Cindy Hatcher!

Nov 21/24 Elsie Murray show. Laura handled Loki to WD and Zarina BOW. On monday, Zarina went BOW for a single.

Oct 26 Arizona Whippet Assoc Fun Match, AZ. Katniss’ debut (Regalia Where The Heart Is) results in BEST IN MATCH! Handled by breeder/owner Rhonda Gifford – congratulations!

Oct 18/19 Chuckanut NADAC agility, Mt Vernon. Tristan had a fantastic weekend  – 6 runs and 6 Qs, with his first Nadac title in Novice Jumpers (NJC), and finished with a smoking fast Tunnelers. He also qualified in Hoopers and Intro Regulars, with 5 Firsts and 1 Second in class.

Oct 10 FVDF shows, Cloverdale. Laura showed Loki (Ocean’s Carissima) as the single male class entry, and went BOW for his first 2 points, and brother Alaska handled by breeder/owner Pauline John, went BOB/Best Puppy. Laura showed Loki to WD, and Alaska again went BOB/BP. 11 Laura went WD with Henry (Ocean’s Hazelnut Swirl) and Alaska BOS/BP at his last show of the weekend, gaining 7 points toward his Grand. 12 Loki handled by Laura for another WD/Best Puppy.

Sept 26/27 Mt Cheam shows, Chilliwack. Presenting BPIG NEW Canadian Champion Ocean’s Mars Midnight.

After his National weekend debut, Alaska showed in just 4 more days to finish his championship from the puppy classes, including 4 WD/BOW/Best Puppy, a Best Puppy in Hound Specialty, and this very weekend started off under judge Ann Hennigan with a 3 point WD/BOW/BP and a Best Puppy in Group, and finished with a BOS/Best Puppy for his first Grand Ch point at 9 months old.

This is the first champion for both Palace and Tristan and we are just thrilled. Congratulations to breeder owner handler Pauline John and her lovely Alaska!

Half sister Zarina was the Reserve Queen this weekend..

Sept 268 gorgeous puppies born today out of Junie, Ortona Junie B Jones.

Sept 7 Back to AAC after the summer off, and Tristan Qd an Advanced Snooker – good man! Even included 3 contacts and he got them all!

Aug 23 Thias had his first swim to start on his rehab, after breaking his leg 8 weeks ago. He has a beautiful swimming style, head low and rear held high. We are hoping for a successful recovery.

Aug 1/2  Enjoyed the Western Washington Specialty shows again this year, although it was super hot and humid. We left early and missed the last show, but I had fun showing the exuberant Alaska for the first time, winning his small 6 – 9 class at both WWWA shows under judges Kathy Davenport and Barbara Henderson. There was a massive crack of thunder overhead right before we walked in the ring in the second show which spooked him, so was really happy that he was back to his old self by his last show. Thank you Pauline John for letting us steal away your lovely boy for the weekend!

Judge Kathy’s critique: PUPPY DOGS (6-9 mos)
1st Ocean’s Mars Midnight,  A pretty smooth bodied boy with lovely head and expression, should finish quickly.

Congratulations to the winners! Candid by Merry Farrington.

July 24 – 27 Pacific Kennel Club, Surrey. A woohoo! weekend at our last Canadian shows of the summer at the Surrey Pacific Kennel Club shows… we had fun playing musical dogs, and papa Tristan is very pleased with his kids.

Hilerica Saturna (Zarina) only entered 2 days – WB / BOW on thursday, and Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn (Djinn) Best Puppy under Ms. Carmen Haller.

Djinn – WD / BOW / Best Puppy, Zarina Reserve WB on friday

Ocean’s Mars Midnight (Alaska), 7 months, only entered 2 days – WD / BOW / Best Puppy on saturday all breed show, and then at the Western Gazehound Specialty under Mr. Alan Ewles – Winners Dog, Best of Winners, BOS over a Special and Best Puppy, and then on to BEST Puppy in Hound Specialty!!

And Sunday, Alaska went WD / Best Puppy (no class bitches), for a total of 6 points in 2 days! The only day shown, Reserve went to brother Henry (Ocean’s Hazelnut Swirl).

Thank you to the lovely owners and ladies that are part of ‘the family’ : )

Photo is Alaska’s Specialty BOS and Best Puppy in Specialty. Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Pauline John!

July 19/20 Chuckanut AKC agility trial, Lynden – Tristan Qd his third Novice Jumpers, all with 100 points and two first in class – now he can add NOVICE JUMPERS/WEAVES NJP to his titles! He also Qd his FAST run. Next day at his move-up, he was the ONLY DOG to qualify in Open Jumpers! Very proud as this was his first attempt at 12 weaves!

July 13 RFF race practice – puppy Djinn went to chase the bunny for the first time today. We think he liked it : )

July 10-12 AWC Midwest Specialties, Ohio – Cuyahoga Valley Hound Assoc – TJ (Raybar’s Foolish Heart) made his debut at 6 months and 2 days of age with owner/breeder/handler Cindy Hatcher, with a second in his sweeps class of 7, and first in his class at the Specialty under Mrs. Cindy Scott. July 11 Grand River Kennel Club – TJ won his sweeps class of 6 under judge Mrs. Cathy Gaidos  July 12 Ashtabula Kennel Club – TJ won his class at the Specialty under judge Ms. Lori Nelson. Looking good TJ!  Photo by Debby Moore.

photo by Hamin Lee

July 5/6 What a weekend! So much fun and always a great time with the amazing people in the club. Terrific judges and great BBQ and donations to the auction and raffle baskets.

our National Whippet Club of Canada National weekend..
judge Ms. Cathie Brown
Huge congrats to good friends Linné Wagner for BOB with her Junie.
– Tristan daughter Zarina (Hilerica Saturna) a lovely 5 point Reserve WB to the eventual BOB winner. Her judge’s critique: Pretty Blue Fawn bitch of just over a year old. Nice example of an unexaggerated quality whippet, good topline, mature for age. (Reserve Winners Bitch)
Tristan Best Sire and Get
Tanzy Best Racing Class
Smoke Best Coursing Class

Lower Mainland Whippet Association
judge Mrs. Lori Nelson
Tristan Select Dog!! woo hoo! So happy to make the cut with all the lovely male specials, this was a very special win.

NWCC Regional
judge Ms. Virginia Lyne
– Tristan son Alaska (Ocean’s Mars Midnight) a very nice 5 point Reserve WD

Zarina Reserve Winners Bitch at the 2014 National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty

Tristan Select Dog at LMWA Specialty

photo by Stephanie Honey Gillespie

6 month Alaska in his very first show…

June 29 Nicola Valley KC, Merritt. Djinn (Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn) at his first show weekend and his first outdoor ring experience at Nicola Valley. Best of Winners and BOS (no male specials). He showed very well for a 6 month old, although I can’t say the same when it came time for the photo : ). He is fun to show, so happy and alert. Photo by Dogshots Photography.

May 10 NADAC agility trial, Mt Vernon. Tristan qualified in both Novice Jumpers, with only 3 dogs Qing one course, where Tristan had the fastest overall run. We also tried Tunnelers for the first time and he Qd with more than 10 seconds under time, first in his class and second overall. He was awesome!!

Apr 26 Tristan and siblings turn 3 years old today!

Mar 29/30 WCOBC agility, Kelowna. We were thankful that the roads were clear on the mountain passes – snow on the sides but none on the road.
Tristan Qd all his jumpers runs, to gain his Novice Jumpers w/ weaves title (AGNJS)! He moved up and also Qd his Intermediate with a solid 100 point run. It was also the first trial to hold the new PAD run (Points and Distance), and he qualified there as well.

WCOBC awarded him Top Overall Whippet in Trial!

Mar 15 PAC agility, Cloverdale. Enjoyed watching a Smoke/Tanz sibling doing rally, and ran Tristan for a Q in Adv. Jumpers, 10 seconds under time with some bumbling handling – not bad!

Mar 8/9 Seattle KC rally, WA. Very very happy that Tristan qualified in both Rally trials for his Am Rally Novice (RN) title! First time back to it since August, we were very happy with his focus despite a pretty intense venue (and his restraint from greeting the very close ringside public). 95 and 94 points, not too bad… and 3 of 3 trials for his RN!

Mar 1 MFAC agility, Abbotsford. A chilly snow day in an unheated barn, with Tristan toasty in the vehicle, so very pleased that he Qd in his first Advanced runs – Snooker and Jumpers, both with a first in class. We received several compliments on his beautiful jumping style.

Feb 23 Mt Cheam, Chilliwack. Enjoyed my first assignment as CGN evaluator.

Feb 22 AKC agility, Lynden. Smoke finished his AKC OPEN JUMPERS/WEAVES (OJP). He was first (and only Q) in class, 1 of only 5 dogs to qualify, and 1 of only 2 with 100 points! He’s the man – with title 35!! He qualified in 6 of 6 runs for this title! Tristan also did us proud, with a Q in Novice Jumpers (1st in class with 100 pts) and Standard with 95 points.

Photo View by Linda Photography

Jan 11 We are just so proud of our 7 year old Super Smoke. First agility trial of the year, and just one run entered yesterday. It was all he needed to finish his EXPERT SNOOKER BRONZE (ExSn Bronze), which also completed his VERSATILITY BRONZE AWARD (VBA – 30 qualifications in the Games!), and marking his 33rd and 34th title!! This makes him only the third whippet ever to receive a VBA. He will officially retire from AAC agility, now that he has done everything and more that we could ask of him. Thank you Steve and Linda Buchholz for an incredible dog. Thank you Smoke for taking all my bumbling first attempts at everything all in stride.

…and another woo hoo, so thrilled that Tristan completed his first agility title – STARTERS GAME DOG OF CANADA (SGDC)! (6 Qs total in gamblers, jumpers and snooker). He is so much fun – Go Tristan! (But wait for me : )

Jan 7 Tristan x Harper Lee – 7 puppies – 5 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys – born in 67 minutes today! Puppies are enjoying the Arizona warmth at this time of year.

Jan 4 Tristan x Palace pups at 3.5 weeks.

Jan 1 Tristan x Kiwi pups at 2.5 weeks.

Tristan x Kiwi pups at 3 weeks.