2011 news

2011 Year end recap. Smoke finished 13 new tiles, including placements as #1 Rally Whippet, #2 Hound in Canada in CKC Rally, #1 Whippet in CKC Agility (NWCC stats), #6 CWA racing conformation, TOP 10 for the third consecutive year! (Only dog to accomplish this in the past 4 years). #13 Whippet in AKC Rally.

Nov 12-22 Fun trip to Oregon with friends, where dogs had a blast on the beaches, and we enjoyed some fresh seafood.

Nov 6 A lot more energy from Smoke today, who gains his Am RALLY NOVICE Novice (AmRN), with a beautiful run and score of 99, tying for High in Class. He follows it up with his CANINE GOOD CITIZEN (CGC), despite his jumping greeting disorder, and a rowdy test crowd.

Nov 5 Chuckanut rally, Lynden. Smoke qualifies in his US Novice rally event, although not a fan of the building the first day.

Oct 30 Today Smoke qualifies in his one rally event, and decides to wing it to gain his CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOUR (CGN).

Oct 29 Second show for Tristan, with a very nice RESERVE WD with a larger entry. And yes, he decided a kiss was in order for the judge ; )

Oct 28 Just Smoke entered in 2 CKC rally events at Tradex, where he takes a 98 and 95/100.

Oct 27 LMDF show, Abbotsford. Tristan shows for the very first time at Tradex, Canada’s largest dog show. He takes WINNERS DOG his very first day, at 6 months and 1 day old!! Very proud of this young man, esp as this building is very loud and crowded. What a good little man!!

Oct 22/23 Last meet of the year. Smoke ends the year with his PERFORMANCE RACER 4 (PR4), but gets a muscle lump the last day, so is scratched. Tanzy runs both days and finishes with a 4th placement in the match (thanks Ellen for handling her).

Oct 15 Tanzy is the star today with her first Standard Q, with a first in her division. A nice but unsuccessful gamble with Smoke.

Oct 1/2 WCOBC agility, Kelowna. While sad to miss the local CWA meet, we enjoy a well-run agility event in the Interior. Tanzy gives us a nice surprise when she qualifies for her 3rd NOVICE JUMPERS WITH WEAVES (AGNJ) in 3 tries – her first agility title! She has some trust issues with the teeter after a flyoff, but makes some nice efforts in the Standard runs, including a down on a very cold table. Smoke qualifies in his first 2 Standards to advance to his INTERMEDIATE STANDARD (AGI) with scores of 100 and 95, as well as HIGH SCORE WHIPPET IN TRIAL for the third time!

Sept 25 rally, Chilliwack. Smoke qualifies in an Advanced run with 97 pts, but decides he would rather not hold a down on a cold hard floor, even after a very nice successful Excellent course.

Sept 10 Matsqui agility. Back to agility after a summer off. Tanzy attempts a first standard run, with a beautiful clean run. But .99 seconds over time as she took awhile figuring out what material was on the table. Smoke Qs a Masters Standard and we fail miserably at a Gamblers.

Tristan is 4 months old today!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.38.14 AM

Sept 24 Qball agility, Langley. Tanzy qualifies for her final Starters Jumpers, and Smoke has a good day with Qs in Masters Standard and Jumpers.

Tristan at 5 months.

Aug 20/21 CWA racing, Abbotsford. Super warm weather and more great racing for food.

Aug 5/6/7 Western Washington Whippet/hound specialties, Auburn. Great weekend to just sit back and watch, with beautiful weather, whippets and good friends. Smoke enters one rally trial and gains his first leg in AKC rally with a score of 96.

July 23/24 CWA racing, Abbotsford. Smoke runs both days, with some beautiful breaks and a nice Second place in conformation on Sunday under judge Emily Szabo.

July 17 LNB CARO Rally, Abbotsford. Just one entry in Novice, where a second place qualification finished Smoke’s CARO RALLY NOVICE Magna Cum Laude (CRNMCL), averaging a score of over 190/200 or better. Then teaming up with Millan for ‘Team Whippet’, and despite the rainfall, finished his first leg in Team Novice.

July 15 Golden Retriever Club Rally, Surrey. One entry in both Advanced and Excellent, and despite the potential distractions of off-leash and first-time outdoor trial, Smoke qualifies in both with High-in-Classes! Beautiful ribbons, too.

July 3 LMWA Show n Go, Mission. Three stakes today in the lure course, where Tanzy ties for FIRST in her stake! Phenomenal runs for our girl one month shy of five years old. She has 6 placements in 7 trials! Photo by Jennifer and Emily Szabo. Smoke ties for THIRD in his stake with one set of highest points. Both dogs are the oldest dogs placing in 3 stakes. At the show, Laura takes Becca in to take WB Altered.

July 2 LMWA Specialty shows, Abbotsford. Beautiful warm weather for the shows, where Tristan meets a lot of whippet fanciers. Tanzy goes BEST COURSING class both shows, and Laura handles Janet S’s Becca to WB Altered (pictured below).

June 25/26 CKC rally, Richmond. A great weekend when Smoke completes his RALLY EXCELLENT (RE), both legs with High in Class, even with a jetlagged handler. 9 legs in 10 trials, with 5 High in Classes!

June 19-23 Sweden. Laura takes a trip to Burnt Sienna; so excited to announce the latest addition to the family. Thank you to Lisa Winder and family for their wonderful hospitality and entrusting us with Tristan (Burnt Sienna Red Mountain) out of SE UCH, DK UCH Play A While Nokia x Nord V-07, SE UCH, DK UCH, NO UCH, C.I.B. FI UCH Burnt Sienna Midsummer Breeze. He is a little fireball of energy and sweetness and settles right in.

at 6 weeks

at 7 weeks

at 8 weeks

10 weeks

May 14/15 CWA race, Abbotsford. Another wet day first day. Some close races with Smoke finishing 11th both days, and some nice conformation results with a FIRST under Penny Wilmot and THIRD under Heather Leinbach. This puts him at #1 dog currently!!!

May 7 BCWRA NAWRA race, Abbotsford. A wet and soggy day at a 41 dog meet. Thanks to friends who helped load some pretty excited dogs from the Baratta household. Thanks especially to Ellen, who wore a plastic poncho while loading Tanzy into the boxes. Let’s just say her poncho is no longer waterproof, with huge holes and ripped sleeves… sorry Ellen… Both dogs finish with the maximum sprinter points, where Smoke wins the last race to end up with a respectable 7 points, and takes a very nice high score obedience dog ribbon. 150 yards isn’t Tanzy’s forte as she turns the heat on in the last 50 yards, but she finishes well up against some fast dogs.

May 1 LNB agility, Cloverdale. A nice run with a first Masters Snooker Q for Smoke, followed by Tanzy’s beautiful single run, where she Qs a starters Jumpers today with a second in her division.

Apr 24 Kee Giggs agility, Aldergrove. A few runs today in a new venue, with a Q for Smoke in M Standard and another clean one but just over time.

Apr 16 Whippet Club of BC agility trial, Kelowna. Friend Candice and Laura heads up to Vernon for a fun weekend. Tanzy runs CKC for the first time and Qs both runs! She still sometimes stops in front of the tunnel to make sure she’s really supposed to go in to go in, but runs with a lot of confidence. Smoke qualifies in 2 of 4 runs, has a third clean run until he is distracted going over a double jump (Laura’s fault of course), knocked a bar and does a face plant and somersault in the ground, ending up with a mouthful of sand. Poor guy. But still he advances to his AGILITY INTERMEDIATE JUMPERS WITH WEAVES (AGIJ) and is HIGH SCORE WHIPPET IN TRIAL.

Apr 2/3 RFF CWA racing, Abbotsford. Our wounded Tanzy presses her nose against the window, watching as we leave with just Smoke to the races. Smoke has some beautiful breaks and heat wins against some speedy dogs, plus a couple of bad breaks to even out his score. On Saturday the torrential downpour leaves the field flooded, so the races are stopped after 3 heats. Stephanie takes some accurate and incredible shots of the weather (to come). Both days, Smoke takes a SECOND in the conformation matches under Beth Levine and Jennifer Szabo. Thank you judges!

Mar 28 A tough and horrifying day at the park, when on the walking trails, (not an off leash park), Laura is knocked down by 3 large dogs on their way to attack Tanzy and Smoke. Tanzy ends up bitten, and is taken to the vet for stitches. Unbelievable.

Mar 27 LNB Caro rally, Langley. Colder morning today with the event held in a barn. Back on leash again, Smoke qualifies with 2 incredible novice runs, ending with a score of 199/200 and 2nd place with 28 dogs entered in his class. It was his best performances yet, perhaps due to the unexpected appearance of treats during the course. The judge commented on a beautiful run and was impressed that he didn’t waver when a large flock of birds burst out of the rafters in the middle of his event.

Mar 20 Golden Retriever Club, Cloverdale. Smoke finishes his RALLY ADVANCED (R.A.) in the first trial. We decide to move him up for the next trial, where he completed his first leg toward his excellent title! 7 legs in 7 trials… Then off to race practice as a nice reward.

Mar 13 Q-Ball agility, Cloverdale. Smoke has another great day with 2 Qs in 3 runs. His two successful Masters Jumpers runs complete his MASTERS JUMPERS DOG OF CANADA (MJDC).

Feb 25/26/27 Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers Pot of Gold Rally, Surrey. An absolutely thrilling follow-up to last weekend, Smoke finishes his RALLY NOVICE (R.N.) the first day with a score of 97/100. Next 2 days, we attempt Advanced level with great success, with High in Class both days to complete 2 legs toward his advanced title, despite being quite spooked the last day due to other events in a neighbouring ring. So proud of this little guy!

Feb 20 Dumbbell Obedience Rally, Surrey. First obedience trial ever with minimal training, where Smoke qualifies with 2 CKC Novice legs in 2 attempts. Quite an adventure, we were thrilled to tie for first place with a long-time handler.

Feb 6 Q-Ball agility, Langley. Next trial Smoke gets 2 Qs in 2 runs, finishing his ADVANCED GAMES DOG OF CANADA (AGDC)! Only 5 other whippets have this title!!! Gamblers is our challenge, and he finished this one with time to spare. He followed it up with a very fast M Jumpers, where he was too fast for Laura, and she had to change her game plan on the fly, and he turned into a mind reader and completed parts of the course on his own. We’ve been taking some classes with Tanzy and decided to see how she would handle the whole environment, so put her in a jumpers. Well she went flying around the ring, sometimes over the jumps, sometimes not, with a ton of speed and height. wow!! She had so much fun…

Jan 15/16 Cliffhangers agility, Cloverdale. What a great start to the year when Smoke ends up with 2 Qs, finishing his MASTERS AGILITY DOG OF CANADA (MADC)! At this level, he attempted Standard 4 times and qualified in 3 of them and finished with a second placement in his division. This makes him only the 9th whippet to gain this title. There were many congratulations; thanks everyone!