2023 news

2 0 2 3  N E W SNov 25/26 MA West Friendship show. Frankie was WD, BOW, BOS and BOB Owner Handled on Sunday for his second major under Deirdre Petrie. Saturday he picked up another point as WD. Congratulations to owner/handler Marge Conta!

Nov 16 OH dog show. Fonz was WD/BOW for a 4 point major, handled by Lila Jane.Nov 17 NASDA. Kirsher was High in Trial at his first Shed Dog trial. 13 second run!

Nov 12 NASDA. Tristan was High in Trial at both Urban Locating III trials! 12 and 14 second runs!

Nov 11 AKC coursing trial, UT. Ursula was BOB for a 3 point major!

Nov 11 Oaks, PA. The only day entered, Frankie was WD/BOW for 2 points.

Nov 4 ASFA trial, UT. Joker was BIF his fist time out, and tied for first the second day forfeiting to second.

Nov 4 Frankie WD, BOW and his first major under Molly Martin at 8 months of age.

Oct 29
AZ AKC coursing. Tatum (new DC Hamrya’s Desert Jewel SC) finished her AKC FC in style by going Best In Field for her third 5 pt Major. Tatum accomplished this amazing feat in six field trials, three of which she was awarded BIF. Congratulations to breeder/owner Donna Lynch!

Oct 22 Sprinters trials, Surrey. Kirsher had his first running event and completed his Novice Sprinter NS.

Oct 21 K911 SDDA trial, Merville. In Started, Zippy earned his SD-S SP title, passing all 3 components at the same trial. In Aerial with 19 dogs entered, they won 1st place!! Also entered in Distance Q’d that one as well… But the highlight was winning High in Trial! wow, well done Cathy and Zippy!

Oct 4 Skyhoundz World event, PA. Amadeus is the first AKC CH Whippet to become a Skyhoundz World Champion! AMADEUS is a 2x Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance WORLD CHAMPION! With Barbara Ernst Reinhold, Amadeus took 1st place in Women’s Classic and Unlimited divisions AND 3rd in Light!! Thrilled for breeder Lynn Mitchell and the success of her singleton! New Xtreme Distance World Champion.

Sept 24 ABC Games, Maple Ridge. Tristan was entered in both Single Odor and Double Odor games and passed all with good times. Good boy! First time for the DOG title and another SOG.

Sept 24 Germany lure coursing. Aurifer Gallifrey was BOB at lure coursing! Aurifer Guinevere was 3rd out of 11. What a weekend for the Aurifer kids.Sept 23 Germany show. Aurifer Guinevere won ex1 in intermediate.

Sept 17 Amadeus BCAT and Air Retrieve JR

Sept 17 CDSA scent. Tristan finished his DS1-Jr.

Sept 17 PA shows. Sizzle was BOB and brother Dudley was BOS under Dana Cline, both for 5 pt majors! Congratulations to breeder Melissa Schnyder!

Sept 16 Bonniville Basin KC show, UT. Ursula was BOB from the classes over specials, then went on to Hound Group 1 under Linda Scanlon! Beautifully handled by Monica Barsaja from breed to the BIS ring. Congratulations to breeder Liz Campbell for your first Group 1 bred dog! Woo!

Sept 10  AKC scent, Graham. Tristan finished his Advanced Exterior SEA, and Advanced Interior SIA with a first place!

Sept 2 Heavenscent trial, Maple Ridge. Our first attempt at ABC Games, and Tristan received the ‘noseworthy’ 4 Qs for his first title SOG.

Sept 2 Fonzi was BOB over Specials to pick up 2 more points, breeder owner handled by Lynn Mitchell.

Sept 2 AB. Sedona was BOB at the Show and Go.

Sept 3 Riihimäki International Show, FI. Nice entry of 42 whippets entered under Breed and Sighthound specialist Tomasz Kuszyk, PL (Synergy whippets), who gave Diiva Besties Ursa Major BOS for the CACIB!

Aug 25 Extraordinary Canines CWAGS. Tristan finished his Level 5 CW-SPI

RodeoDog. Another new thing for Tristan to try, and he passed his Beginner Rodeo Clover BRCL. and Performer Straight Line PRSL with perfect scores.

Aug 21 NASDA. Dustyn won overall high score for LI-II, also being the only dog who passed all 3! Tristan was the second fastest dog in his run.

Aug 11 Scorch finished his CD and AWC Versatility AV! Congrats to owner Grace Chan and breeder Donna Lynch!

Aug 5 Western Gazehound Sprinters. Dustyn finished his Advanced Sprinters AS (1000 points) with gusto!

July Scorch Rally Advanced RA

July 22 SDDA scent, BC. Avery and Siren completed the SDDA Master Championship SD-MACH, which includes 6 Advanced titles and 4 Excellent titles.

July 22 NADD. Scorch Dock Master DM!

July 21 Estonia show. Lorenzo finished his Estonian Championship EE CH!

July 15 Barn Hunt Ratacaters, Snohomosh. At 12 years, Tristan finished his Barn Hunt Line Drive title LD.
He came out of Barn Hunt retirement to try the new Line Drive class in the spring. Dogs need to indicate 4 critters in one minute or less (!), with a total of 9 tubes. A vey different experience than the typical barn hunt set up, as the bales are lined up against a wall and tube ends are exposed in lines, hence the Line Drive term. The time goes by super fast, especially if you need the indicated tubes removed so the dogs don’t keep going back to them. The pass rate tends to be very low in this class – he was 1 of 4 to pass (with 39 dogs entered!) the very first offering at the local BC club, and racked up 9 Qs in 10 trials, including a first place (3 dogs passed, 20 entered), five 2nds and placements in all Qs. On our drive to the latest trial in mid July, I saw a big cloud that looked like a feather and wondered if it was a sign for another in his cap lol. Apparently it was, as he had a fabulous finishing run with his best time yet – yay!!
According to the Barn Hunt website, Tristan is the first whippet (and hound) to complete the title! Not only that, he is the 11th dog of all breeds to finish it (6 of them are Border Collies).

June 8 weekend Puyallup – Jasper finished his Rally Excellent RE. Tristan his Temperament test ATT.

June 8 WCOBC Specialty shows – Sedona won the specialty – congrats to owner/handler Angela Ellis and breeder Donna Lynch!

June 18 AWC PNW Regional Specialty, OR. So thrilled that Tristan/Tipsy son Hoby CH DelCrown Hamrya Sam Catchem was Specialty Best in Show! Many thanks to breeder judge Kerrie Kuper! wow! Hoby’s son was Best Puppy.
Grandson Bravados’ Ready Set Zoom took after his Uncle Dustyn’s pawprints and was WD at the AWC Regional (funny as we had donated to the WD trophy :).
Judge’s critique:
BOB dog, CH Delcrown Hamrya Sam Catchem.
A correct sized fawn and white boy with moderate balanced movement, using his rear while holding the correct topline and standing and moving. He has the hocks that the standard describes, well let down and close to the ground. Something that we are losing in the breed and don’t see often enough. Sound on the up and back, I would have liked to see a bit less bend of pastern, but due to his overall balance, he moved well enough in the front. Lovely typical whippet head, eye and expression….very similar to the BOS I noted while picture taking…..He is one of those dogs that could be easily overlooked due to his more moderate size and color…but he caught my eye on the first go around due to his balanced movement and topline….that stood out to me right away and I had to try to find someone to beat him, and in the end there wasn’t anyone that could do so….The old staying that the one that looks different from the rest may be the most correct dog in the ring, and in my opinion he was on the day. I was pleased to see I gave all of his 6 month old offspring their classes, and Best Puppy.

June 18 Finnish Whippet Club Open Show. Judge Birte Nöding, Germany (Betty Barkley)
Musca, Besties Musca Australis: #2 with honor prize in intermediate class.
“18 months. Lovely female with flowing lines. Nice head and expression. Long neck. Exellent top- and underline. Exellent angulations front and rear. Bit weak in pastern. Moving parallel coming and going. Nice side gait. Nice temperament.”

June 17 Finnish Whippet Clubs National Speciality. Judges: Tomasz Wolanczyk, Poland (kennel Paranoia) & Birte Nöding, Germany (kennel Betty Barkley.)
Musca, Besties Musca Australis, 18 months
BIS intermediate, BB #3
Comments by breeder judge Tomasz Wolanczyk:
“Really quality bitch of a good size, very nice head and expression. Today a little bit funny ears. Medium lenght quite strong neck into very good shoulders. Nicely angulated in front and behind, moves sound in all directions.”

June 11 Comox Valley KC, Van Island. Cathy was BOW with Zippy, for New Canadian Champion CanCH Jetstream Game On! Well done to worn handler team, and breeder Lorraine Burch.

May 21 Lorenzo finished his Lithuanian championship LT CH – congrats to Kamila Michajlowska and breeder Anna Spigarska!

May 21 Amadeus WD to finish his American Championship AmCH!! Judge Ken Murray and shown by Lila Jane.

May 21 CWA Badgerland & PDQ race meets in WI. Rowan completed his ARX and DPCX! So exciting! Big congrats to owners Patty and Paul Beran and breeder Donna Miner.

May 21 SDDA scentwork. Siren completes the Elite SD-EL title! wow! 3rd whippet team ever! Handled by owner Avery and awarded Top Dog both days in Advanced Containers (working).

May 20 Amadeus WD/BOW/BOS for another major! And Pinky WB under Jan Paulk, shown by Lila Jane.

May 19 Amadeus WD and Pinky BOW under Pricilla Gabosch, shown by Lila Jane.

May 18 Akaa group show (Fci groups 4,6,8,10). Musca (Besties Musca Australis):
FI junior champion, Best of breed junior, Best bitch #1, Best of breed, Best in group, Best in Show!
Breed and group judge: Jarmo Vuorinen (Scheik’s Whippets), BIS judge Harry Tast.

May 12-14 Klamath Dog Fanciers dog show. Friday Bravestone was BOS BOBOH G4. Saturday Reba was BOB BOBOH BOB Puppy G1 BOB Bred by puppy. Sunday Reba went BOB again. Thank you judges Raymond Filburn, JoAnne Buehler, Jan Paulk, and Diane McCormack. Handled by breeder/owner Sheri Nicoletti.

May 14 Royal Canin international dog show, Finland. Lyra (Besties Alpha Lyrae) in jun1 cq, jun cac, jun cacib. BB3, cac and new international junior champion CIB-J! wow! Under judge Mrs Pirjo Aaltonen. This gave her a cac toward her adult championship as well.

May 7 Salo Group show, Finland. Musca Besties Musca Australis was BOS under Jenna Leinonen! This gave her a cac toward her adult championship as well.

May 6 Pioneer Valley KC, Stellar AU. Ch Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan, handled beautifully by Katrina Logan was BOB under Whippet Specialist Mr N Jennings. She then went on to Aust Bred in Show under Mr P Tjerkstra. Owned by Lana McCrindle.

May 6 Utah shows. Ursula was WB/BOW for a 5 pt major.

Apr 29-30 Chuckanut AKC Scent trial, WA. We decided to try a weekend of AKC scentwork for the first time. We entered with random draw format and managed to get into everything. Super fun to start again at Novice level and try out Buried hides for the first time. Tristan had a clean sweep, with 12/12 Qs, with many placements including Firsts in Class, and earning 4 component titles – Scent Work Container Novice SCN, Scent Work Interior Novice SIN, Scent Work Exterior Novice SEN, Scent Work Buried Novice SBN, which gives the overall level title Scent Work Novice SWN.<

The site included squirrel sightings, and a search in a rabbit barn. Thankfully it was off season ..

Apr 29 Emmet ID. Buddy was ASFA Best In Field, owned by Sandy!

Apr 22-23 Kelowna KC CKC scent trial. Tristan passed his Master Interior SDI to finish his overall Master title SDM! Fabulous job little man! Dusty did well, qualifying in both his Master Exterior runs to complete 5 Master Exteriors (passing all 4 entered at this venue), and also a Master Container.

Apr 15 Caldwell Idaho shows. Buddy won breed, owner handler / group 3 and 4 on Saturday / Sunday in. Congrats to owner/handler Sandy. Rip was BOB from the classes for a couple of points too.

Apr 8 AWC National Specialty week [Topeka, Kansas]
A recap of the national week – almost all Tristan kids ended up with a rosette of some sort, which was fun to see.

A great start to the week was Tessa finishing her agility Novice Standard NA with a 1st and 2nd placement. Ricochet QQd with a 2nd and 3rd placement. Scorch was awarded 3rd place toward his Novice agility title. Scorch also passed his Beginner Novice run.

Maeve tied for 3rd place at the ASFA field trial, forfeiting to NBQ, and was High Score bench Champion. Tessa was 2nd in her AKC coursing stake, earning 3 points to finish her Field Championship FC!

Amadeus earned his first rally Q in Novice with a 4th placement.

Grace and Scorch attempted both Versatility and Triathlon for the first time, and ended up 10th Place Versatility (Coursing, Conformation, Agility, Rally) and 12th Place Triathlon [out of 33 participants] (Coursing, Conformation, Obedience).

Some of these owners were trying new things for the first time and having success – so fun to see them plated at a National!

In the show ring, Reba was 4th in her Futurity class under Lew Griffitt, and also made it to the final cut in a competitive 9-12 mos class under Specialty judge Lesley Anne Potts.

In Brood bitch class, Saga and her kids made the cut under Thomas Munch.

The beautiful representations and presentations of the breed in the ring was spectacular.

Rowan’s CAVX certificate/rosette, Sage’s Willow award nomination and Tristan’s ROM certificate were also presented at the banquet.

Also so thankful that Lorraine’s Ula was found – a miracle helped along by the incredible dog community.

As always, a highlight was meeting up with friends I haven’t seen for so long, meeting new ones, catching up with Tristan’s breeder Lisa Winder and Kendra. Thank you to my roommate for making it an easy stay. And big kudos to all the hard working volunteers and organizers to pull together such an amazing event.

Apr 7 CWAGS scent trial, Langley. Tristan was 2/2 in his Level 5 runs.

Apr 1-2 OH shows, Amadeus (All’aria Symphony No. 1) was WD and BOS under Judge James Albrecht, beautifully presented by Lila Jane Handschumaker for his first major! Baby brother Fonzie (All’aria Stormhold Mountain Air) showed in the 4-6 month puppy show, winning BP BOB and a Group 1 under Judge Gigi Griffith. This was his very first show experience. Amadeus was WD/BOS the next day for a second major, handled by breeder/owner Lynn Mitchell!

Mar 31  In NASDA (North American Sport Dog Assoc), Tristan was the first whippet (team) to finish a Trail Locating Brace title TB-I (two whippets off lead, following a scent trail to quarry – not for the faint of heart for some!), partnering with his bestest buddy Dustyn. This accomplishment also makes him the first whippet (along with Dustyn) to complete the Versatile Locating Bronze Championship (VL-B) which is a combination of Trailing & Locating, Trail & Locating Brace and Urban Locating. So pleased as the boys winged it all – no classes or formal training, and often working through challenging, heavily bushed terrain.
Dustyn was also HIT in Shed and second HIT in TL-II

Mar  Rikki finished the Master Silver Agility MSX title!

Mar 17 York/AWC Eastern Weekend. CH. Jetstream StormWarning @ Springrun, JD was BOS in sweeps, handled by owner Lila Jane Handschumaker.

Mar 17, 19 Shasta KC, CA. Reba was WB on Friday under Dana Cline, then WB/BOW/BOBOH on Sunday under judges Mr David J Peat & Group Mrs Stephanie S Hedgepath.

Feb 26 Albany, OR. Reba was WB, BOW, and BOBOH under Marilyn L Van Vleit

Feb 25 Albany, OR. Bravestone was WD. Reba was WB, BOW, and BOBOH under Richard Todd Jackson.

Feb 24 Albany, OR Linn county show. Bravestone was WD. Reba was WB, BOW, and Best of Breed Owner Handler under judge John Mayhall.

Feb 19 CWAGS scent. Tristan finished his Scent Patrol Ace CW-SPA in 10/10 runs. Line Drive he was the only dog who Qd both runs, and out of about 40 dogs each trial! 2nd placement (only 4 dogs Qd) and 4th placement.

Feb 12 Tristan completed all 5 levels in one go for his All Dogs Theme Championship ADP-CH(Th) – first whippet!

Feb 11 CKC scent trial, Maple Ridge. Dustyn finished his Master Containers SDC.

Jan 27 Lithuania International shows. Lyra was Bob Junior (junior CAC) in big junior classes, gaining two exc and a vg, on Friday she was 1st in class gaining a cc and a junior cacib with a Whippet entry of 56! Judge Olga Sinko. Congrats to owner Heli and breeder Mari!

Jan 21-22 AKC coursing. Tatum (AmCH Hamrya’s Desert Jewel) was back to back BIF for 2 majors (10 points)!

Jan 21 Ricochet completed her agility MACH! Amazing team with owner/handler Susan Ford!

Jan 20 Tristan and Dustyn completed the AKC FitDog Gold title FITG.

Jan 19 Tristan and Dustyn both get their AKC FitDog Silver title FITS.

Jan 12 Tristan and Dustyn both get their AKC FitDog Bronze title FITB.

Jan 8 Landolakes KC, MN. Rowan (Domino Seriously Cerulean) was WD for a 4 point major to finish his AmCH! Handled by Jeri Dissi and owned by Patty Beran. This also completes his American Whippet Club Award of Versatility Excellent CAVX!

Jan 8 IABCA show, Lynden. Tristan completed Super Veteran SVCH.

Jan 8 NASCW Nosework. Jasper completed NACSW LEVEL 1 Interiors

Jan 1 CairnHeart CWAGS scent work, Richmond. Dustyn was 4/4 in CWAGS level 2 for CW-SD.

2023 Tristan has been Trick dogging and completed:

DMWYD: Novice Masters Trick Dog (NTD-M)
Intermediate Masters Trick Dog (ITD-M)
Advance Masters Trick Dog (ATD-M)
Expert Masters Trick Dog (ETD-M)
Trick Champion Masters (TDCH-M)
Equinox 5K (EQ23)
2024 Calendar shoot (Cal24)
Photoshoot Animal Actor (AA1)
TDI: Novice Senior Trick (senNTr)
Intermediate Senior Trick Dog (senITr)
Advance Senior Trick Dog (senATr)
Expert Senior Trick Dog (senETr)
Senior Trick Dog Champion (senTrCh)
Novice Amateur Trick Dog (NATr)
Novice Proven Trick Dog (NPTr)
Novice Supreme Trick Dog (NTr-Su)
Intermediate Amateur Trick Dog (IATr)
Intermediate Proven Trick Dog (IPTr)
Intermediate Supreme Trick Dog (ITr-Su)
Advance Amateur Trick Dog (AATr)
Advance Proven Trick Dog (APTr)
Advance Supreme Trick Dog (ATr-Su)
Expert Amateur Trick Dog (EATr)
Expert Proven Trick Dog (EPTr)
Expert Supreme Trick Dog (ETr-Su)
Trick Champion (TrCh)
Trick Grand Champion (TrGCh)
Trick Dog Master Champion (TrMaCh)
Trick Dog Master Grand Champion (TrMaGCh)
Trick Dog Supreme Champion (TrSuCh)
Trick Dog Supreme Grand Champion (TrSuGCh)
Rural Trick Dog (RTr)
Agility Trick Dog (ATr)
Obedience Trick Dog (OTr)
Eurovision Trick Dog
5km Challenge
10km Challenge
10 Mile Challenge
Half Marathon Challenge
20 Mile Challenge
English Channel Challenge
Marathon Challenge
35 mile Challenge
Mount Everest Challenge
45 mile Challenge
Double Marathon Challenge
Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge
Triple Marathon Challenge
Hadrian’s Wall Challenge
100 mile Challenge
The Icefields Parkway Challenge
200 Mile Challenge
Pennine Way Challenge
300 mile Challenge
400 mile Challenge
500 mile Challenge
Bruce Way Challenge
600 mile Challenge
700 mile Challenge