whippet sitting

Whippet Sitting

We are pleased to offer whippet dog sitting and boarding services while you are away for holidays, business trips etc.

We enjoy having whippet visitors stay with us anywhere from a day to a few weeks. We are non smoking, live on acreage in the lower mainland of BC and have over 2.5 acres fully fenced for the dogs, as well as a small dog yard for puppies. The dogs live inside with us and are part of the family. We are happy to include nail clipping, baths, teeth brushing etc if you desire.

Please contact us at laura@stormholdwhippets.com for details.


“We have had our whippet Morgan cared for by Laura a few times now when we have gone on vacation. When Morgan goes to Laura’s, it is like a vacation for him too. He has plenty of acreage to frolic on and run as fast as he wants, he gets plenty of walks as well and two other whippets to cuddle up and play with. When we go on vacation where we cannot bring our precious family member with us, we can enjoy our time away and not worry about him at all, knowing that he is in good hands and is well cared for by someone who loves and knows whippets inside and out.”

Candice Z.

“Marc and Laura from Stormhold Whippets welcomed our two whippets, Milo and Merlin into their home. We were thrilled with the love, care and attention they provided to our two boys. While we were away we got regular email updates about how the boys were doing, including photos of them playing with Tanzy and Smoke. Every day the boys got regular exercise and went out for long walks. The best testimonial of all was that when we came to pick up our dogs, they did not want to leave. We plan to use Stormhold Whippets when we go away again in the future, and we whole heartedly recommend them for others looking for home away from home for their dogs.”

Josephine & Pete, Vancouver

“Our whippet girls Becca and Audrey have taken up residence in the Baratta household on several occasions when I am away from home. It is always obvious they have had an amazing time when I go to pick them up upon my return!! In fact I am thoroughly convinced they enjoy their time there more than the time spent at home!

The dogs are very well cared for and it is obvious they have a lot of fun and exercise and cuddle time. And now with Tristan in residence I know Audrey isn’t pestering Smoke and Tanzy to play – Tristan more than makes up for it!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Stormhold Whippets for anyone who is looking for a caring, safe environment for their dog should they be unable to take their dog along on work or vacation travel.”

Janet S.

Things we love about…
how he plays with the horse next door/jumps up on laps for hugs / his bouncy puppy run/his gentleness and ‘respect’ for the cat / his eye makeup / healthy appetite / how his tail wags when he’s feeling guilty.

her constant wagging tail / how she looks you right in the eye / her innocent expression after being caught counter surfing / trying so hard to be an ‘adult’, especially on walks / her good appetite.

her playfulness / good appetite / how quickly she learns. Laura has trained her in agility and she is now titled.

Milo and Merlin…
Milo – his big personality / the way he tilts his head when listening / the way he rests his head in your lap for attention. Merlin – his frisbee abilities / his bouncy run.

how his teeth chatter when he’s excited / his good appetite / how he barks when playing / his beautiful trot at 13 years of age.

The way she flops on the ground after running in the yard, how she growls when playing..