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B E A U T Y   I S   R E A L I T Y   S E E N   T H R O U G H   T H E
E Y E S   O F   L O V E   [evelyn underhill]

Welcome to Stormhold Whippets, located in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada.  Our kennel name was inspired by one of our favourite movies/books ‘Stardust’.  Stormhold is a magical kingdom with characters displaying humour, determination, love and playfulness – traits we appreciate in whippets.

candid by Merry Farrington

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.36.25 AM

Whippet mum Laura Baratta runs a graphic design business and has a second degree black belt in Taekwon Do, a first degree black belt in Sun Hang Do (mixed martial arts) and is developer of 4 on the Floor Dogwear dog collars. She is a member and current Vice President (2017-2018), past President (2013-2016) and past VP (2011-2012), past newsletter editor (2009 -2015) of the National Whippet Club of Canada, member of the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, active in the CWA Racing for Fun and Lower Mainland Whippet clubs, and a CGN evaluator.  Whippet dad Marco runs a business as a heavy equipment operator, rides dirt bikes and enjoys entertaining our whippets.

Laura handles the whippets to their accomplishments in conformation, agility, obedience and more.  Our whippets have participated in shows and Specialties both in Canada and the United States, CKC, AAC, NADAC and AKC agility, lure coursing, CWA and NAWRA straight racing, NOTRA oval track racing, CKC, AKC and CARO Rally Obedience and Barn Hunt.

Laura has handled these whippets to these titles:
CanCH Ocean’s Carissima (Loki)
CanCH Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn, RATI (Djinn)
CanCH Ocean’s Burnt Almond (Thias)
CanCH Hilerica Saturna (Zarina)
CanCH Hilerica Tigh Na Mara, Group 4th (Winston)
CanCH Highbridge Firebird (Audrey)
CanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain (plus many titles) (Tristan)
CanCH Highbridge Lady Byng, Group 4th (Morley)
CanCH Swiftsure Cameroon, FCh (plus many titles) Group 3, 4 (Smoke)
CanCH, Alt Ch Swifsture Tanzania, FCh (plus several titles) (Tanzy)
Highbridge On The Fly, AGNJ (Becca)
and pointed:
CanCH Regalia Painted Heart, RATI Group 2nd (Karmen)
BPIG Jetstream Marsanne Veraison (Mars)
Mossbawnhill’s Elusiv Dream (Lucy)


(CanCH Swiftsure Cameroon, F.Ch, DPC, TRPX, PR4, SR, OTR, MADC, MJDC, MSDC, VBA, ExSt Bronze, ExJ Bronze, ExSn Bronze, AGDC, AGI, AGIJ, OJP, NAP, RE, CRNMCL, Am RN, RATI, CGN, CGC)


Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 8.37.12 AM

by MBISS Am.Can.Ch. Counterpoint Jungle Drums, F.Ch, DPC, TRP, PR3 x Can.Ch & Alt.Ch Surrey Hill’s Crystal Wave, FCh, ARX, DPCX, TRPX, PR4 / Breeders: Linda Buchholz, Karen Lee, Jeff Bowra (pedigree on Whippet Archives)   YOB: 2006

2017 Barn Hunt RATI for title 36!!

2016 Second time National Whippet Club of Canada’s Lure Coursing Class winner.

2014 Completed ExSn Bronze (Expert Snooker Bronze), which qualified for his VBA (Versatility Bronze Award) as his 33rd and 34th title, and only the third whippet ever with a VBA. Completed AKC Jumpers/Weaves OJP. He qualified in 6 of 6 runs for this title! Best Coursing Class at the National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty.

2013 Completed AKC NAP (Novice Standard Preferred) with a first in class.

2012 Completed AKC NJP (Novice Jumpers/Weaves), then AAC MSDC (Masters Snooker) and Expert Standard Bronze as his 30th title, followed up by Expert Jumpers Bronze. #5 Whippet in AAC agility.

2011 Finished 13 new titles, including MADC (Masters Agility Dog Dog of Canada) title in January, followed by AGDC (Advanced Games Dog of Canada). In Feb, he completed his first Rally Novice obedience title RN, then MJDC (Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada) and RA (Rally Advanced) in March. April he advanced to AGIJ (Agility Intermediate Jumpers). June completed RE (Rally Excellence), then CRNMCL (CARO Novice). Oct brought his agility AGI (Intermediate Standard), CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) and PR4 (Performance Racer 4), and November his AmRN US Rally Novice and CGC (Canine Good Citizen). He finished as the # 6 whippet in 2011 CWA conformation, TOP 10 for the third year in a row! Also #1 Whippet, #2 Hound in Canada in CKC Rally, and #1 Whippet in CKC agility (NWCC stats). #3 Whippet in AAC agility.

2010 Finished his SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada) agility title in February, followed by AADC (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada) in May. Completed his 10th title with SR (Sprint Racer) in June. He also gains his PR3 (Performance Racer 3) title. He finished as the # 4 whippet in 2010 CWA conformation and TOP Canadian dog for the second year in a row! #2 Whippet in AAC agility.

2009 Finished his Can.F.Ch (Canadian Field Championship) in March. He also finished his first agility title in Jumpers AGNJ, followed by Novice Standard AGN and Agility Dog of Canada ADC. He finished as the # 4 whippet in 2009 CWA conformation (TOP Canadian dog!) #2 Whippet in AAC agility.

2008 Finished his Show Championship Can.Ch. in the summer, including a Best Puppy in Specialty, and completed 3 racing titles his first year: DPC (Dual Purpose Champion), TRP (Title of Racing Proficiency) and OTR (Oval Track Racer). He also earned a placement in the Top 20 coursing whippets in Canada in 2008 for total points.

2007 Smoke placed in his first show as Best Puppy in Specialty.

K A T N I S S (co-owned)
(Multi BIMBS UKC CH Regalia Where The Heart Is)
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.14.44 PM

~ 1 year

(10 months, photos by Tabitha Doyle)

(10 months, photo by Deb Martino)

by Multi titled Am.Ch & Can.GCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x Raybar’s the Individualist / Breeders: Rhonda Gifford, Cindy Hatcher, Barbara Parsons (pedigree on Whippet Archives)   YOB: 2014

We are very pleased to co-own Katniss with Rhonda Gifford and Cindy Hatcher, who enjoys living with the Gifford family. AKC show pointed.

2015 BOS in Arizona Specialty Sweeps. In one weekend, 4 UKC Hound Groups firsts and 2 Back to Back BEST IN SHOWS, New UKC Champion Multi BIMBS UKC CH

2014 Best in Match at the Arizona fun match, first time shown.

K A R M E N (co-owned)
(CanCH. IABCA Intl.CH. Regalia Painted Heart, SC, RN, RATI, CGC)
~ #1 AKC Rally Nov A whippet 2016
~ Winner of Am Bred class at 2017 AWC National Specialty
Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.44.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 6.17.51 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.44.18 PM
AKC show pointed and coursing major pointed, CKC Group 2 from the classes.
We are very pleased to co-own Karmen with D’Gaye Findlay, who enjoys living with D’Gaye.

by Multi titled Am.Ch & Can.GCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x Raybar’s the Individualist / Breeders: Rhonda Gifford, Cindy Hatcher, Barbara Parsons (pedigree on Whippet Archives)   YOB: 2014

D J I N N (co-owned)
(CanCH Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn, DPC, TRP, PR, RATI)
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 7.03.51 PMDjinn beautiful racing

We are very pleased to co-own Djinn with Miss Nykl. Two time Specialty WD (one for 5 points), CWA racer, Dual Purpose Champion.

by Multi titled Am.Ch & Can.GCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x Forgetmenot La Magie Noir / Breeders: Joanne Boudreault, Susan Wales (pedigree on Whippet Archives)   YOB: 2013


A R G O  (co-owned)
(Mafija Gracija Red Moon)

We are pleased to co-own the handsome Argo with Toma Simonaityt, Vaiva Gratkauskaite, who resides in Lithuania. Photo by Erika Racko.

M E T A  (co-owned)
(Mafija Gracija Red Rose)

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.50.31 AM

This beauty is co-owned with Toma Simonaityt.

by Multi titled AmCh & CanGCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x  x LT CH, LT JCH, LV CH, BG CH, BG GR CH, Balkan CH Felicity Tarytum Vejai
/ Breeder: Toma Simonaityt (pedigree on Whippet Archives)   YOB: 2016

C H A R L I Z E  (co-owned)
(Jetstream Romance by Moonlight)
Charlize 8.75 months on the move

We are very pleased to co-own the gorgeous Charlize with Lorraine Burch, who enjoys living with the Burch family. Photo by Mike White.

by Multi titled AmCh & CanGCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x AmGCh NSBIS Can Ch Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw / Breeder: Lorraine Burch (pedigree on Whippet Archives)   YOB: 2015


T R I S T A N (Swedish Import)
(AmCH & CanGCH, IABCA Intl.CH. Burnt Sienna Red Mountain, DPC, TRP, PR, SGDC, AGNJS, NJP, NJC, TN-N, IAC, Am.Can.RN, RATI, RATM, CGN, CGC)

by SE UCH, DK UCH Play A While Nokia x Nord V-07, SE UCH, DK UCH, NO UCH, C.I.B. FI UCH Burnt Sienna Midsummer Breeze (pedigree on Whippet Archives)

Breeder: Lisa Winder – thank you so much Lisa for a once in a lifetime dog. YOB: 2011 – 20″ at withers. Available at stud by private treaty.
Cardiac (echo) Normal / CERF / BAER / Thyroid Normal
~ 6 years, photo by Kelly Chafe
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 7.28.26 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.39.05 PMscreen-shot-2016-11-17-at-1-16-06-pmScreen Shot 2015-09-06 at 1.16.17 PM
Tristan is a Canadian and American show Champion, multiple Specialty BOS, Select and AOM winner, a solid straight racer with a Top 10 and 11 CWA conformation, a multiple High in Trial agility whippet, High in Class rally obedience titled and High in Class in Open and Master levels in Barn Hunt, first Canadian Whippet to achieve barn Hunt Master level, and third ever. His progeny include CKC, AKC and UKC show Champions, multi Group placements, Specialty BOB/BOS/WD/WB/Best Puppy, multi Best Puppy in Group, National RWB, AWC National class winner, BOB/BOS Sweeps winners, UKC Multi Best in Show, CWA, Rally (#1 AKC Nov A whippet 2016), Nosework and Barn Hunt titlists, CWA High Combined, ARX and NARX and FCh pointed offspring.

A long time well respected breeder had these kind words for Tristan: Tristan is definitely a sire of note as he does reproduce himself. And unless one is only breeding to get puppies, this is the kind of sire one should use. We chose a stud because of HIS attributes, not just to get clones of mama. Sires who do not do that are only sperm machines not really worth using.

Another wonderful breeder quote: He is one of those rare sires that can bring excellence to a breeding of any flavor.

And a breeder in Europe: I only now understand how strong genes are of Tristan. All puppies are beautiful.

April 2015 – Featured on the game show “Jeopardy” as a clue to “This speed demon was once called a snap dog, a name somewhat like its current one.”March 2015 – The first Canadian Whippet with a Barn Hunt title.

Judge critique:
Western Washington Specialty – Open Dog/Best of Winners (Burnt Sienna Red Mountain): I loved this boy. He was so very smooth from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. An easy go-er on the move and dead sound on both ends. I later learned that this win was his second of the weekend, with Christy Nelson also finding him and awarding him the day before. (Linda Zaworski)

Western Washington Specialty – My winner here was an Agouti Red Fawn (A color you don’t see often in the show ring). This young dog had the best balance and movement of the entry. (Wendy Gay)

2017 Barn Hunt High in Trial Master level. CC WB/BOW for another major at AZ Specialty weekend. Tristan Barn Hunt Master RATM for his 23rd title, the third whippet ever with this title, and the first Canadian Whippet. Son Mars first nosework title. Daughter Saga Group 2. Finished AAC Advanced Jumpers. Son Winston new ARX. AWC National Specialty: Tristan made it through 2 BOB cuts, Karmen winner of Am Bred class and new RATI.

2016 Tristan daughter CC (Ortona Candy Crush at Runners) WB for her first major at the Whippet Assoc Specialty, AZ, then RWB at Western Specialty. Son Luka BOW for 5 pt major Eastern Specialty weekend. Finished AAC Advanced Snooker. Tristan first Canadian whippet to complete RATS (Barn Hunt Senior). Daughter Evie (Jetstream Tryst at Stormhold) completed RATN and then CGC at AWC National Specialty at 7 months old, Tristan placed 4th in Stud Dog class and daughter Karmen (Regalia Painted Heart) finished RN at National. Son Djinn (Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn) CWA DPC Dual Purpose Champion. Karmen (Regalia Painted Heart) new Can CH with a Group 2. Son Winston TRP and High Combined x 2 and new Can CH. Daughter Karmen BOB AKC Coursing for major. Son Luka (Jetstream Tapestry’s Red Mesa) new Am CH. CC RATI. Son TJ (Raybar’s Foolish Heart) earned his TRP. Winston CWA #6 (tie) High Combined 2016 and #12 (tie) Conformation. Karmen #1 AKC Nov A Rally whippet.

2015 Tristan daughter Zarina (Hilerica Saturna) New Can CH. NADAC agility titles TN-N (Novice Tunnelers) and IAC (Intro Regular). First Barn Hunt trial and passed his RATI (Rat Instinct) and RATN (Rat Novice). Second Barn Hunt trial weekend, RATO with a High in Trial in Open. Tanzy RATI. Tristan son Thias (Ocean’s Burnt Almond) Can CH. Alaska Grand Champion GCh. Son Djinn (Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn) 5 pt Specialty WD for Can CH and RATI, daughter Salem (Ortona Bubble Witch) RWB/Best Puppy and Tristan Select Dog at the WCOBC Specialty. Son Loki (Ocean’s Carissima) New Can CH. Son Watson (Hilerica Tofino) Can CH incl a Goup 3 and #11 Coursing Whippet in Canada.

2014 Completed his first agility title SGDC (Starters Game Dog of Canada). Am RN Rally Novice in 3 of 3 trials. Finished CKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves AGNJS and Top Overall Whippet in Whippet Club of BC Trial.  Am. Novice Jumpers title NJP.  First NADAC agility title Novice Jumpers NJC. Best Sire and Get at the National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty, daughter Zarina 5 pt Reserve Winners Bitch behind the eventual BOB winner, followed by Select Dog at the Lower Mainland Whippet Assoc Specialty and son Alaska a very nice 5 point Reserve Winners Dog at the NWCC Regional Specialty (after his National weekend debut, Alaska showed in just 4 more days to finish his Canadian CH from the puppy classes, including 4 WD/BOW/Best Puppy, a Best Puppy in Hound Specialty and a Best Puppy in Group).

2013 New American Champion with two Specialty 5 point majors (BOS and BOW) at 2012 WWWA Specialty shows. New Canadian Grand Champion Can GCh, including four BOBs and Specialty BOS and Selects. High in Trial Whippet at Whippet Club of BC agility trial. Passed AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test. Completed his first racing title PR (Performance Racer), then DPC (Dual Purpose Champion) and TRP (Title of Racing Proficiency). RN Rally Novice in 3 of 3 trials and finishing with a perfect score of 100. #11 CWA Conformation Overall.

2012 Finished Canadian Championship with a Best Puppy in Group. First time out as a Special, AOM at LMWA Specialty. Passed CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) test. IABCA International Puppy Champion (Int JHA) and International Champion (Int Ch). Ranked as the only Canadian whippet in 2012 Top 10 CWA Conformation.

Tristan is the proud sire of:
~ Zarina (CanCH Hilerica Saturna), 2014 Canadian National Specialty Reserve Winners Bitch
~ Watson (CanCH Hilerica Tofino), BOB both June VILCA Lure Coursing trials (#11 Whippet in 2015), CKC Ch incl a Group 3
~ Winston (CanCH Hilerica Tigh Na Mara, ARX, PR), CWA Second in meets, NARX pointed, 2016 #6 (tie) High Combined and #12 (tie) Conformation, CKC Ch incl a Group 4
~ Djinn (CanCH Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn, DPC, TRP, PR, RATI), WD at 2 Specialties incl a 5 pt win, CWA ARX pointed
~ Karmen (CanCH Regalia Painted Heart, SC, RN, RATI, CGC), Group 2 from the classes, AKC show and coursing major pointed. Winner of Am Bred class at 2017 AWC National Specialty
~ Katniss (Multi BIMBS UKC CH Regalia Where the Heart Is), AKC show pointed, with a 22, 19, 18, 15 and 17 and two more bitch entry major reserves, Best in Match at Arizona fun match, first time shown. BOS 2015 Arizona Specialty Sweeps, UKC Multi BEST in SHOW
~ TJ (Raybar’s Foolish Heart, TRP, PR), AKC show pointed, ARX pointed
~ Salem (MBPISS Ortona Bubble Witch), first show at Cascade Hound shows, BOB in Sweeps and Gr 2 Hound sweeps, then a second BOB in Sweeps. Reserve WB/Best Puppy at CKC WCOBC and NWCC Regional Specialties. AKC show pointed.
~ Saga (Ortona Hidden Stories), AKC Hound Specialty major pointed (BOB), 11 points in 1 weekend. Group 2.
~ CC (Ortona Candy Crush at Runners, RATI), AWC Specialty weekends major pointed x 2 and 5 pt Specialty major reserve, QC certified
~ Carat (Ortona Diamond Digger) was BOB for CAC-CACIB (International)
~ Luka (AmCH Jetstream Tapestry’s Red Mesa) BOW/BP/BPG1/BOH AKC supported entry for 5 point major. Best in Sweeps and RWD at AWC Midwest Specialty
~ Marsanne (BPIG Jetstream Marsanne Verasian, CW-SP, CGN) CKC show pointed, Best Puppy in Group
~ Alaska (BPIG CanGCH Ocean’s Mars Midnight), Specialty BOS/Best Puppy in Hound Specialty winner
~ Thias (CanCH Ocean’s Burnt Almond), other than one reserve, WD or better in every show entered, BOS over Specials
~ Loki (CanCH Ocean’s Carissima)
~ Judge (Hilerica Double Jeopardy) CKC show pointed
~ Jack (Hilerica Legal Alien O’Kisharo) CKC show pointed
~ and numerous well-loved dogs residing in companion homes.
view : puppies / offspring

(CanCH & AltCH, AC Swiftsure Tanzania, F.Ch, DPC, TRPX, PR3, SR, AGNJ, RATI)

by MBISS Am.Can.Ch. Counterpoint Jungle Drums, F.Ch x Can.Ch & Alt.Ch Surrey Hill’s Crystal Wave, FCh / Breeders: Linda Buchholz, Karen Lee, Jeff Bowra (pedigree on Whippet Archives) YOB: 20062015 Barn Hunt RATI (Rat Instinct)

2014 Best Racing Class at the National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty.
2012 Best Coursing Class – LMWA and WCOBC Specialties. Veteran Champion AC.

2011 Qualified for her AGNJ (Novice Jumpers) title.
Best Coursing Class at both LMWA Specialties.

2010 Finished her SR (Sprint Racer) in May, followed by her Alt.Ch. (Altered Championship) at the Sighthound Club Specialty. She also completed her PR3 (Performance Racer 3) title.

2009 Completed 2 racing titles: DPC (Dual Purpose Champion) and TRP (Title of Racing Proficiency). Shown lightly, she finished as the # 9 whippet in 2009 CWA conformation.

2008 Tanzy finished Show Championship Can.Ch. in the spring and her Can.F.Ch (Canadian Field Championship) in November, in just 4 trials, placing as the #4 all breed hound in Canada based on her points average.

E V I E (co-owned)
(Jetstream Tryst at Stormhold, RATN, CGC)
Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.54.15 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.34.20 AM

by Multi titled AmCh & CanGCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x AmGCh NSBIS CanCh Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw / Breeder: Lorraine Burch, Jetstream (pedigree on Whippet Archives) YOB: 2015

Qualifications in Barn Hunt included High in Trial in Novice/First, a Second and a Third in division.

T H I A S  (co-owned)
(CanCH Ocean’s Burnt Almond)

We are very pleased to co-own Thias, who enjoys living with the Martz family.

He broke his leg at 6 months old, and has healed well. Shown sparingly in the 12 – 18 class, he almost had a clean sweep in the show ring – other than one reserve, he was WD or better in every show entered.

by Am.Ch & Can.GCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain, DPC, TRP, PR, SGDC, RN, CGN, CGC x Ch Ocean’s China Roses / Breeder: Ocean’s Whippets (pedigree on Whippet Archives)
YOB: 2013