Dog Parkour / Trick Dog

We are pleased to offer Dog Parkour Starter training classes. The concept is for the dog to physically interact with the environment and outdoor obstacles by climbing, jumping, going over, under, crawling, climbing or balancing etc on them. It can be simple or very challenging as you progress. The behaviours on obstacles are submitted via video clips, following the rules and criteria provided by each particular association. This training will also help with foundation obedience, Trick Dog and stunts in other areas.

Titles range from Novice to Championship levels.

Whippet Tristan is one of the first Champion Parkour Whippets with the International Dog Parkour Association. He qualified in his first entry, partnered with Laura. His son Dustyn is a Trick Dog Champion at the age of 10 months.

These are some clips compiled at the Novice and Intermediate level:

A 45 minute class or two will get you well on your way. Your dog will require a harness with minimum 1″ strap, and a 4′ – 5′ leash (no flexi leashes), and you will require treats for your dog and equipment to record video.

Tristan is one of the first AKC Trick Dog Performers, and a Do More with Your Dog Trick Champion. If you would like help getting started, please contact us.

We have flexible hours and can do private or 2 dog classes. Please contact us for more details. Dog Parkour classes can be set up in the lower mainland of BC, Canada.