2018 news

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Dec 30 Cudahy KC. Rowan completed his AKC RN.

Dec 16 AZ. CC finished her UKC CH.

Dec 15 Rowan completed his BN.

Dec 9 Eastern Dog Club, MA. Joy and Donna have a fabulous day, going WB/BOW for a 4 point major under Mr. Fausto Cavalieri.

Nov 25 Aurora & District KC, ON. Jack went BOW for 2 pts under Paul Stanton, UK.

Nov 25 Arrowhead KC, Chandler, AZ. Katniss was Select Bitch for a 4 pt Grand major under Mr Red Tatro. Nice job girls.

Nov 24/25 Rowan picked up 2 legs toward his BN, and 1 toward his Rally Novice.

Nov 17 Whidbey Island KC, WA. Tristan finished his American Grand Championship at the first show, with a 4 point major under judge Carol Makowski. The judge commented on his soundness and appearance of being a real working dog. He picked up 7 majors along the way, owner handled. He showed his little heart out!

Nov 17/18 UKC show, Utah. Hellcat received a Group 3 – congrats to Liz!

Nov 11 SDDA. Tristan qualified in his Excellent Containers with a Third placement and another gold score.

His daughter Aurora finished her Master Champion MACH-CH at the tender age of 18 months! Well done to owner/handler Ariana. For MACH she finished 10 Advanced and Excellent titles, 3 of which must be at the excellent level, and 3 must be Gold scores. Aurora finished with Seven gold title scores. She was also Top Dog in the final search we did to earn this title, finding the 3 Excellent Exterior hides in 2 minutes, 6 seconds and with a perfect score 60/60. She finished exactly 1 year after she started at age 6 months.

Marsanne completed his SDDA Advanced title SD-A, qualifying in 3 of 3 runs.

Nov 11 Framington AKC show. Joy was WB for a 3 point major under Judith Brown. Half brother Harry was RWD.

Nov 10/11 Pueblo, USA. Maeve (Crossfyre Angles Landing at Anlan) has a nice show debut at 6 months with RWB, then was BOW the following day for a point. Congrats to Cathryn Day!

Nov 10 SDDA trial Surrey, BC. Very pleased with Tristan and his Excellent Interior run – he charged into the Ex. Interior rooms like he owned them, and finished with a personal best for time – 3:22 (15 minutes allotted), First in Class and a gold score of 78/80.

Our Exterior remains as elusive as a unicorn. However, not one dog passed the first day, and I called the last odour a foot away from where it actually was – always soooo close! I’m hoping an unexpected and entertaining moment was captured by the video crew – Tristan decided he just had to CLIMB a tree to make sure he covered the search area thoroughly. (Why not do nosework AND Parkour??) The judge commented on how impressive the climb was lol.

Nov 9 Madera Canyon KC, Tucson, AZ. CC was WB for a 4 point major and BOBOH under Mrs Barbara Pepper! 17 bitches present – fantastic job to Sharon Miller, who also owner-handled her to Group 2.

Nov 3 Southern Oregon KC, OR. Mouse was RWB for first time owner handler Lorain Abel. Nice job girls!

Nov 3 SMART CWA. Joy ran her first puppy runs and was First in the match under Emily Carabello!

Oct 28 Lakeville AKC coursing trial, MA. Thrilled with Harry’s First in Open with a 3 point major. Mack at his certification run. Photos by M Donovan.

Oct 27 Trillium Dog Fanciers show, ON. Jack (Hilerica Legal Alien O’Kisharo) went WD for another point under Edd Bivin.

Oct 27 Queensland, Australia. We are thrilled to announce the Jessica (AU CH Whiparoo A Slice of Heaven) and Tristan litter in Australia. Breeders Shari Gallagher and Paul Walsh welcomed 4 boys and 2 girls.

Oct 20 Vinita CWA. Potter (Liberty’s Cloak Of Invisibility) had his debut and was First in the match under Donna Murphy. Congrats to owner Michelle Morrison and breeder Donna Bennett.

Oct 14 GONE coursing. Harry (Domino Maximum Red Sprite) was Second in his first trial, for 2 points.

Sept/Oct Boise, ID. Buddy was BOB Baby Puppy and Group 3rd.

Sept 28/29 VILCA coursing. At 5 years old, Watson is still going strong, with a 4th in a highly competitive trial, and Judge was 4th the next day.

Sept 23 Int Parkour Assoc. Tristan qualified for the Level 3 Four Feet On PKD3-FF and Level 2 Under PKD2-UN.

Sept 23 SDDA Scentwork, Cultus Lake. Tristan qualified in his Excellent Interior run – good man!

Sept 23 WCOBC coursing, Vernon. Mars tied for BOB and forfeited to 2nd.

Sept 22 WCOBC coursing, Vernon. Judge placed 2nd.

Sept 21 CWA National Match, VA. Joy received a lovely BOS Puppy at the match under Katie Rudolph. Mack was 2nd in Champion class.

Sept 18 Int Parkour Assoc. Tristan qualified for the Level 2 Four Feet On PKD2-FF.

Sept 16 Farmington Utah show match. Buddy’s (Crossfyre Where Eagles Dare) debut earned a 3 – 6 month BOB and Puppy Hound Group 2. Congrats to owner/handler Sandy!

Sep 15/16 LMDFA, BC. Ginger finished her Canadian Championship under Dianne Tyssen (New Zealand) and Colm Hastings (Ireland).

Sep 16 Chattanooga KC, TN. Boomer was RWD to a 4 point major under Sharon Lyons.

Sep 15 Barn Hunt, AK. Saga passed her Instinct test RATI.

Sep 15/16 Ontario Gazehound Coursing. Cee was 2nd and 4th in the trials.

Sep 14 Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers show, BC. Aurora was WB for 2 more points under Mr J Carnero (Spain).

Sep 8 Obed trial, OR. Karmen passed another leg in Beginner Novice with 195 pts and first place.

Sep 8/9 Bellingham Hound shows. Tristan picked up 2 more GCh majors under Denny Mounce and Liz Rosbach.

Sep 2 K9 Scentinals SDDA scentwork, Langley. Tristan was 3/3 in his Advanced runs (1 Interior and 2 Exterior) to complete 2 more Advanced titles. Daughter Aurora was Top Dog in both trials.

Sep 1 Skaha KC, Summerland. Mars was BOB and Group 3 under Ben Wasylyshen. Way to go Aaryn.

Sep 1 CWA racing, WI. Rowan had a fabulous debut, finishing with 13 points and High Combined!

Aug 31 All Dogs Parkour. Quickly following his first Parkour Championship, comes his second. Tristan completed his Level 1 title on August 1st, following that up with with an additional 10 Qs, submitting his final Level 5 less than three weeks later and confirming his Ch the end of August. Each Q contains a set of 12 behaviours, so 132 qualifying behaviours to complete his Championship ADP-CH.

Aug 30 ON. Cee was WD for another point.

Aug 28 International Dog Parkour. Tristan qualified for Level 1 Specialist Walking Balance (PKD1-BA).

Aug 26 WCEC Regional Specialty, ON. Cee was RWD.

Aug 25/26 Sammamish KC, WA. Tristan picked up 2 more GCh majors including BOS at the supported entry under Jerry Watson.

Aug 25 National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty, ON. We are so pleased with Cee (Domino Neon Carrot), winning his stake and on to BOB at the lure coursing trial! He won his 12 – 18 month Sweeps and Regular class at the Specialty under Barb Parr-Smith and Randy Tincher, handled by owner Kate Darbyshire.

Aug 23 International Dog Parkour. We are thrilled that Tristan received his International Dog Parkour Championship (CH-PKD), qualifying in our first attempt. This required about a 20 minute video with many clips demonstrating behaviours that are as perfect as possible in safety and technique, including interactions in different locations, creative exercises, demos of spotting your dog, training progression and explanations of how you and your dog have changed through the exploration of Parkour etc. I believe he is only the second whippet with the title.

These are a few snippets at various levels that were submitted.

The photo is a video still of one of my favourite 4 Feet On / Straddle over empty space obstacles, included in the video.

Aug 21 International Dog Parkour. Tristan qualified for Level 1 Specialist 4 Feet On and Under (PKD1-FF, PKD1-UN).

Aug 19 Wachusett KC, MA. Harry was BOW for 2 points and Joy RWB under Peggy Beisel-McIlwane.

Aug 19 All Dogs Parkour. Tristan earned his Level 4.

Aug 18 Wachusett KC, MA. Harry (Domino Maximum Red Sprite) was WD for his first point. Sibling Joy received a 5 pt major RWB, and Mack was SD under breeder judge Mrs. Iva Kimmelman.

Aug 11/12 Western Gazehound Sprinters. Evie and Ginger earned their Novice Sprinter NS. Ginger had enough points in just 2 of her runs for the Novice title, and the fastest run overall in trial 2. Evie had the fastest overall run in trial 4. Marsanne was fastest overall on day 2.

Aug 11/12 Victoria City KC. At his first show, Simon (Hilerica Perfect Alibi) was Best Puppy in Group under David Browne and Sandra Lex, and Best in Puppy Sweeps!

Aug 10 All Dogs Parkour. Tristan earned his Level 3.

Aug 6 All Dogs Parkour. Tristan earned his Level 2 (S-ADP-L2) for his 40th title.

Aug 2 C-WAGS scent trial, BC. Mars finish his C-WAGS level 4 scent detection (CW-SSS).

Aug 1 All Dogs Parkour. Tristan earned his Level 1 (S-ADP-L1).

Jul 28 Scent Work trial, WI. Rowan earned his Novice Handler Discrimination (SHDN) with a first place and finished his Novice Exterior (SEN) with first and third places and started his Advanced Containers title with a third and a fourth place. Qualified and placed in all classes entered – way to go!

Jul 28 Western Gazehound Specialty, Surrey. Aurora was Best in Sweeps, then RWB to the eventual BOB at the Specialty under Honey Glendinning. At the Pacific Kennel Club show later, she was WB/BOS for 2 more points under Dr Riad Katrib Mir.

Jul 27 Hound Specialty, AK. Saga picked up another 3 point major towards her Grand Championship.

Jul 21 SDDA scentwork trial, Langley. Aurora (Domino Wintergreen Dream) finished her SDDA Championship (SD-CH) at 14 months of age. Wow!

Jul 15 NWCC Regional Specialty, Abbotsford. Shown only at 1 show on the weekend, Tristan was Best Veteran in Specialty under Tempest Deptuch, kept in the final lineup, with the judge commenting that if an AOM was available, she would have given it to him. On top of that honour, granddaughter Zepha (Ch Hilerica Zarina Zephira) was BOB in Specialty! She was also BOS at the LMWA Specialty the day before.

Zepha 1.5 years

Running 2 Sprinter runs on July 14, and 1 after the Specialty, Tristan completed the new Sprinter title NS. Kids Marsanne and Aurora also completed their Sprinters.

Jul 15 Ogre Dog Show, Latvia. Méta was Ex.1/5 (intermediate class) then BOB under Mrs. Galina Zhuk (Belarus) to finish her Latvian CH!

Jul 15 National dog show, Vanamõisa, Estonia. Argo was BOB again.

Jul 14 National dog show, Vanamõisa, Estonia. Argo is BOB and BIG2 to finish his Estonian and Baltic Championships (EE CH and Baltic CH)!

Jul 14 Windham County KC, CT. Joy (Domino Joy To The World) was awarded Reserve Best In Match.

LMWA Specialty, BC. Grandpuppy Zepha (Hilerica Zarina Zephira) was BOS at the Specialty.

Jul 7 Farmington Valley KC, MA. Entered only 1 day, Mack was SD for a 4 point major under Joan Goldstein.

Jul 6 Vernon & District Club. Mars was BOB under Patricia Lanctot.

Jul 1 Mt Bachler, Redmond, OR. Karmen (CanCH Regalia Painted Heart) is WB to finish her AmCH! Huge congrats to co-owner D’Gaye Findlay and breeders Rhonda Gifford, Cindy Hatcher and Barbara Parsons.

Jun 30 Foothills Gazehound lure coursing. Marsanne was BOB and BIF! Huge congrats to owner Aaryn Secker.

Jun 30 Cudahy KC, AKC Scentwork. Rowan (Domino Seriously Cerulean) finished his Novice Interior SIN and Novice Buried SBN with a 1st place in Novice Exterior for his first leg.

Jun 30 Rally trial, ON. Cee (Domino Neon Carrot) finished his RN with 2 scores of 100; a 2nd place (by time) & a 1st place.

Jun 30 Nicola Valley KC, Merritt. Aurora (Domino Winter Green Dream) was WB for 2 points under Ann Hennigan. Nicely done, girls.

Jun 23 Mid-Hudson Kennel Assoc, New Paltz, NY. Under Mrs. Patricia Trotter, Mack (Domino Macaroni and Cheese) was WD/BOW/BOS to finish his Am CH at 13 months! Thrilled for breeder/handler/owner Donna Miner for this lovely boy out of Loon. Joy (Domino Joy to the World) was WB for her first point, at her first show, from the puppy classes.

Jun 23 Barn Hunt, Bellingham. Marsanne finished his Novice RATN in record time, in 16.75 seconds to make him Novice High in Trial.

Jun 23 Manitowoc County Dog Club AKC Scent work. Rowan passed both Novice Interior searches.

Jun 20 Tristan completed his Parkour Novice PKD-N.

Jun 16 Dock Diving, Lithuania. The first time held in the country, and Argo was 4th place for distance. Housemate Bentley was third.

Jun 14 Nanaimo KC, Van Island. Tristan’s grandkid Zepha (Hilerica Zarina Zephira) was BOB over Specials and Group 2 to finish her Canadian CH. Congratulations to Carole and Liz!

Jun 9/10 Comox Valley KC shows, Van Island. Ginger was BOW under David Swartwood and Katherine Grant to pick up some singles.

Jun 3 Ladies’ Dog Club, MA. Mack was WD for 2 more points under Mr. Robert D. Ennis.

Jun 3 C-WAGS scent work trial. Mars passed 3/4 of his level 4 courses and took home the unofficial “Judge’s Choice” award for the level from judge Arleigh Bell. He was the only one to pass his last run.

Jun 3 SDDA trial. Aurora had another spectacular day, completing another Advanced title, and taking Top Dog in Advanced, being the only one to pass all 3 components. Tristan also made us proud, passing 2/3 in Advanced, even in pouring rain. He was one of only a couple to pass Interior, due to the hide, which he crawled in to indicate.

Jun 2/3 VILCA Coursing, Van Island. Watson was BOB for the 4th time, then third to pick up more points.

Jun 1 Erie Shores KC, ON. Jack (Hilerica Legal Alien O’Kisharo) was WD (1 dog shy of a 3 pointer) under Ms Elizabeth Hindley (AU). Congratulations to owner/handler Nancy Rose!

May 29 NASCW trial, Alaska. NW1 title for Saga her first try! Huge congrats to owner/handler Stephanie Sheaffer.

May 27 South Windsor KC match. Six month old Joy was Best Puppy In Match. Many thanks for the Group win under judge Dawn Bradshaw and BPIM under judge Paul Levesque.

May 27 ON. Cee passed his final leg in prenovice for his PCD title.

May 20 Mt Baker KC, WA. Tristan was SD for his 4th major, under Hal Biermann.

May 19 K9 Scentinels, Langley. Aurora qualified in Advanced Interior and Containers with perfect scores, Tristan with a great run in Adv Containers, and Mars with 2nd place in Adv Interior.

May 12/13 MAWRA CWA, NJ. Mack had his debut in the puppy races, and placed 4th in the match, then won the match the next day.

May 5 C-WAGS, Armstrong. Mars qualified in 2/2 of his level 3 courses to finish his Scent Investigator (CW-SI) title.

April 29 Masanne earned his Novice Courser NC.

April 22 week The 2018 AWC National Specialty

Huge kudos to the National committee and volunteers that pulled everything together. Congratulations to the winners; there were many, many beautiful whippets to witness.

We arrived for the Congress on Monday, and enjoyed the variety of topics, speakers and perspectives. Well done to the organizers and presenters.

I really enjoyed watching some of Tristan’s kids in their events, meeting their owners, and introducing them to ‘grandma’ Lisa Winder.

The next day was obedience and rally, and Cee (Domino Neon Carrot) qualified in his first Am Beginner Novice at the age of 11 months. Nicely done to owner Kate. He then moved on to Rally, and qualified in Novice with a score of 99. One of the most entertaining moments was during brace obedience, where young Cee was attached to housemate Echo. They did quite well together, until the stay, walk away and call to front. Cee was so excited to have his buddy right beside him, that he enthusiastically humped her into their last position. Exercise finished!

Next up was the Futurity, and we were so pleased that littermates Rowan (Domino Seriously Cerulean, TKN, RATN) and Pinky (Domino Tickle Me Pink) both placed 3rd in their Futurity classes. We are very appreciative to judge Sue Vernon.

At the show, TJ (Raybar’s Foolish Heart PR2, TRP) was 3rd in Bred By, the largest male class. We are so proud of him. That makes 3 years in a row that the Regalia litter had a placement or won their class at the National Specialty. Congratulations to breeders Rhonda Gifford, Cindy Hatcher and Barbara Parsons. A huge thank you to Specialty judge Christy Nelson for such an honour. Photo Lisa Winder.

Luka (AmCH Jetstream Tapestry’s Red Mesa) made the cut in the highly competitive BOB competition. It was wonderful to meet owners Heather and Greg Larsen, and admire Luka as a mature dog, having last seen him at 9 weeks of age. Photo Lisa Winder.

The Domino grouping of Pinky, Mack, Odie and dam Loon were first in Team class under judge Molly Rule Steele. Photo Steve Surfman

Best of all, every one of these accomplishments were by owner handlers. Another National in the books! Photo Rudi Peters Brandt

Apr 22 South Windsor KC, MA. Mack was WD/BOW for 2 pts under Mr. Lawrence Terricone.

Apr 21 South Windsor KC, MA. Mack was WD, and littermate Pinky was WB/BOW/BOS under Michael Canalizo. Joy was Baby Puppy Group 3.

Littermates Rikki (11 months) and Boomer (5 months) have been busy, picking up 5 titles each – CGC, and trick titles TKN, TKI, TKA, and TKP!

Apr 20 Springfield KC, MA. Pinky was WB/BOW/BOS for a point under Mrs. Gloria Geringer. Brother Mack was RWD. Young Joy was Best Baby Puppy and Baby Puppy Group2.

Mars completed 10 Therapy Dog visits to earn his AKC Therapy Dog Novice (THDN) title. Such a good team!

Apr 16 Fast CAT, OR. Marsanne completed his BCAT title in one weekend, clocking in at 34.29 and 36.2 miles per hour (manual timing) in his fastest runs.

At the show, Aurora picked up another point.

Apr 15 Auld Lang Syne show. Ginger (Hilerica Jail Bait) was WB/BOW under Mr Ronnie Natividad, handled by Laura.

Hound Classic Specialty, California. CC won Open and RWB under judge Stacy Davis. Congratulations to Sharon!

Apr 14 A first! Scent Novice (SCN) title for Rowan, finishing in 5.74 seconds for a 1st place!

Apr 12 Auld Lang Syne show, Chilliwack. Aurora is WB under Aida Luisa Rivera.

Apr 8 Trap Falls KC, MA. Mack was WD/BOBOH/BBE for a 4 point major! The judge was Dr. Anthony D. DiNardo.

Apr 7 Lynden, WA. Vito (Chelsea Barcelona) completed his Nosework 1 (NW1) his first try.

Apr 2 Oceanside KC, Chilliwack. Aurora caps off her amazing weekend with BOB over a Special under sighthound specialist Janet Buchanan.

Apr 1 Chuckanut Farm Dog Certification test. Something a little different.. Tristan and Mars complete their FDC tests, which is similar to a CGC test, but at a farm environment with mud, cows and sheep 🙂
Checking out the sheep:

March 30 Chinchimini show, OR. Karmen was RWB to a 4 point major.

March 30/31 Nosework NOSA SDDA trial, Sidney, BC. 10 month old Aurora had a spectacular weekend. Day 1 of NOSA’s first scent work trial, she took her first crack at Excellent all 3 components, she passed all 3 to earn her Excellent SP title ( SD-E(SP) ). To top it off, her first Excellent title was a Gold score. She was 3rd place containers, 2nd place exterior and 1st place interior, and was 1 of only 2 dogs to pass the excellent interior search. All of this made her HIGH IN TRIAL as the only dog to pass all 3 components in the same day.

On the 2nd day of trialing, she earned 4 more Qs and was 1st place in the Excellent interior search again as well as 1st place in the Advanced container search, all under judge John Mairs.

Mar 28 Do More With Your Dog. Tristan completed the requirements for his Trick Dog Championship (TDCH). He is the 5th whippet to do so, behind his son Marsanne as the third.

Mar 24 Rally trial, ON. Cee passed his first Rally trial with a 98! Way to go, Kate and Cee.

Mar 18 GRCBC. Enjoyed working with Aurora to pass her CGN test with flying colors under Dina Popadiuk.

Mar 17 York, PA show. Luka had a fabulous day, going BOS at the 2018 AWC Eastern Specialty under breeder judge Donna Lynch! Luka was handled by owner Heather Larson, with a broken shoulder, no less, and in stellar company.

Mar 17 Saga passed her Odor Recognition test ORT.

Golden Retriever CKC Rally, Abbotsford. Marsanne finished his Rally Novice RN.

Mar 11 Sniffing Dog Sports, Langley. We went to support the inaugural Canadian nosework trial. Tristan qualified in all 3 events, earning his Novice title SDS-N with a Triple Q pin. Thank you to judges Karyn Eby and Ann Gunderson for your nice comments on our teamwork.

Rikki (Domino Radical Red Ricochet) was Best in Sweeps, owner handled, at her very first show under Cindy Hatcher.

Mar 10 At just over 10 months old, Cee completed his first Pre Novice Obedience leg. Way to go Kate!

Mar 4 K9 Scentinels, Delta. Aurora was entered in her very first Excellent run, in just containers, and was Excellent Container High score/fastest time, at 9 months.

Mar 3 Superstition KC, AZ. Devon (Regalia Straight from the Heart) was RWB (12 bitches).

Mar 2/4 Int show, Vilnius. First time in the adult class, Argo was Ex.1, CAC and Res. CACIB under L. Zizevsk? (Lithuania), then CAC under T. Savolainen (Finland). This finished his Lithuanian Championship, and Latvian Championship! Thrilled with the news, congratulations to Toma and Vilte! Photo by Ramune Tovstucha.

Mar 2 Van Island. At 9 months old Aurora received her Advanced SDDA Scent Detection title SD-A with a total search time between all 3 elements of 3 minutes 30 seconds. She received 1st place in Interiors and 3rd place in Containers.

Feb 22 Shawangunk KC, MA. Mack (Domino Macaroni and Cheese) was WD/BOW for 2 points under JoAnne Buehler, handled by breeder Donna. Nicely done! Sister Pinky was RWB.

Feb 18 Cudahy KC, WI. Rowan (Domino Seriously Cerulean, TKN) completed his RATN in 3 of 3 runs this weekend, finishing with a High in Trial. Way to go!
Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 11.00.00 AM

Kamloops nosework trial. Mars‘ first SDDA trial – 5/6 Qs with a 1st in Started Interior and Exterior (vehicles), and a 2nd in Advanced Interior. Congrats on the SD-S! A huge accomplishment, amid the cold and snow. CH TDCH Jetstream Marsanne Veraison CW-SD TKP SD-S CA PKD-N CGN RATI Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.01.53 AM

Feb 11 IACBC International show, AZ. Katniss finished her International IntCH.

Feb 4 Great Barrington KC, MA. Pinky had another stellar day, with WB/BOW for her third major at 9 months. Nicely done, Donna!

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.22.50 PM

Jan 28 Chain O’ Lakes KC, IL. Rowan was RWD from the 6 – 9 puppy class under Mr. Jamie Hubbard. Congrats to owners Patty and Paul Beran!

Jan 28 Kaunas Int show, Lithuania. Argo was Ex. 1/6, JCAC and JBOB to finish his Lithuanian Junior Championship (LT JCH), under Jean-Francois Vanaken (Belgium). 3 BOB Junior wins in 4 CACIB Shows, all with 4-6 in the class.Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 8.15.02 AM

Jan 27 Kaunas Int show, Lithuania. Great day for Argo (Mafija Gracija Red Moon), who was Ex.1/5, JCAC and JBOB under Mr. Seiichiro Ishimaru (Japan), handled by Vilte Šokaityte.

Jan 21 Daugpilis city, Latvia. Argo picked up a CAC at his first adult show.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 5.40.32 PM

Jan 20 Mars passed his therapy dog evaluation, now a Certified Therapy Dog.

Jan 20 Daugpilis city, Latvia. Meta was Ex.1 and JCAC for her Latvian Junior Championship (LV JCH) under Mr. Antoan Hlebarov (Bulgaria).

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 5.40.23 PM

Jan 15 Tristan received the AKC Achiever Dog certificate.

Jan 7 Merrimack Valley KC, MA. Pinky was WB/BOW/BOS/BOBOH under Susan Brown for a 4 point major. Littermate Mack was reserve. What a weekend! This completed Pinky’s Puppy of Achievement.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 1.26.10 PM

Jan 7 IABCA International show, WA. Aurora completed her Junior title NatJR with two BOB/Puppy Group 1.

Jan 6 Merrimack Valley KC, MA. Mack was WD under Dale Simmons for a 3 point major. Littermate Pinky was reserve. Well done to breeder/owner/handler Donna Miner!

Jan 6 Kudos to Patty Cummings Beran on the AKC novice trick dog title TKN on 8 month old Rowan (Domino Seriously Cerulean).

Jan 5 Greater San Diego Whippet Association Specialty, CA. Katniss (CH Regalia Where The Heart Is) was 1st Award of Merit at the Specialty, under Rudi Peter Brandt (Denmark). It was a record entry of 100 whippets! ‘She is a lovely feminine bitch with great lines and movement.’

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 6.07.00 AM

Jan 5 Congratulations to Ariana and 7 month old Aurora on Novice Trick Dog title (NTD).

Well done to Aaryn and Marsanne on achieving their Trick Dog Champion title! The TD-CH is very impressive! He is only the 3rd whippet with this title. That also qualifies him for Trick Dog Performer TKP.

Combined with his Expert title, Tristan is the first whippet (and first sight hound) to qualify for the TD-ROM (Trick Dog Register of Merit) title. He is the 16th all breed dog.