2012 news

2012 Year end recap ~ Tristan has made us extremely proud, with high score puppy races in the spring, placing in every match entered, and finishing as the only Canadian whippet in 2012 CWA Top 10 conformation. Heartfelt thanks to our terrific club members and the judges that made him our 5th Top 10 placement in the past 4 years. Smoke #5 AAC agility whippet.

Dec 15/16 IABCA show, Lynden.  Tristan completed his International Championship title Int Ch, with written comments  “typey”   “showy”   “balanced”   “great front assembly”   “well built for age”   “soundness front and rear”   “excellent overall impression”   “excellent front and back quarters”. He received top ratings including two BOB, one from hound judge Mrs. Robin Riel, to receive his International Championship Int Ch.  Tanzy made her debut as a 6 yr veteran, and completed her AC (Altered Championship) with a Reserve Best in Show Veteran.  I have to say it is wonderful to hear the clapping and enthusiasm of ringside for veterans, but it is tough to hear that my girl is considered a veteran.

Nov 23 Elsie Murray show, Cloverdale. What a terrific finish to our year in the canadian ring today. It was our only show entered this weekend, and Tristan went BOB, and over lovely Am/CanCh. Specials! We also made the cut in Group – he is such a fun dog to show!

Nov 10 LMWA lure trial, Abbotsford. Cold but successful lure trial today learning the ropes of huntmistress. Tristan certified for coursing, and he was quite surprised by the turns, ears flying up each time.

Oct 25 LMDF Travel the Word show, Abbotsford. Tristan was BOS (over Am.Chs) at western Canada’s largest all breed show, under judge Mr. Sergio Pizzorno. Tristan is maturing nicely and showed like a dream…

Oct 6/7 IABCA show, OR. We decided to try an International show (dogs are judged against the breed standard, typically from the country of origin), where we received written critiques for Tristan, shown as a puppy. Verbal and written comments included  “This dog doesn’t put a foot down wrong”  “beautiful puppy, typy, well built”  “smooth, well muscled”  “very correct ears and well carried”  “well developed for age”  “very smooth topline, lovely lines”  “great drive and movement”  “pleasing expression, masculine”. He received top ratings to receive his National/International Junghund (14 – 18 mos) JHA, and a Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

Next we headed to the Oregon Coast and met up with some friends to enjoy the beautiful weather, dinners and beaches for a few more days. Fresh clam dinner, oyster burgers, happy hours..  And we checked out The Man Store at Seaside : )

Sept 29/30 CWA racing, Abbotsford. Our last race weekend of the year, and it was very entertaining, starting with padlocked gates to the field, and ending with the automatic timed sprinklers unexpectedly turning on the track. But RFF took it all in stride and pulled off another great weekend, with perfect weather and teamwork.Smoke also received his third conformation plaque (Top 10 for 2009, 2010, 2011)! Thank you again to all the judges and helping hands this year, and Marco for taking care of Tanz and Smoke this year while we were at the races. I appreciate all your help and hard work.

Sept 26 Mt Cheam, Chilliwack. Tristan passed his CGN (CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOUR) test with flying colors. He even did a full down on the cold concrete. The judge said he really deserved to pass!

Sept 25 Qball agility, Langley. Sir Smoke does it again! 2 of 2 Qs in agility, to complete his ExJ Bronze (Expert Jumpers Bronze) title! He is only the second whippet with this title to date.

Sept 9 Stanwood, WA. Tristan was WD today for a single at the Washington All Hound Club show.

Aug 25-26 CWA racing, Abbotsford. Tristan ran his first full weekend of CWA racing, and loved every minute of it, including a few flips at the end. He followed Saturday’s race up with a THIRD in the conformation match after two Am.Champions, and a FIRST on Sunday! Thank you judges Janis Castle and Linda Buchholz. Thank you as always to the terrific RFF crew for all your help. Great people, food, and weather, we couldn’t ask for more.

Aug 20 Today we lose our dear kitty Kona, at almost 15 years old. We will miss her quirky ways. Tearing up and down the hallway in the middle of the night, yowling away. Drinking only out of the bathtub. Worming her way into our discarded jeans legs. Placing her paw on our cheek. Only 6 pounds, but a personality to fill up a house.

Aug 18 Happy happy 6th birthday to Smoke and Tanzy today!

Aug 3-5 Argus Ranch, WA. It was a very nice weekend to visit with whippet friends at the WA specialties, and it was great to participate this year. It was VERY hot! It was our first American specialty, and we were very pleased with Tristan placing every day in the second largest class of males, and going first in his class at both Western Washington Whippet Specialty shows, over pointed dogs! He did us proud.  Judge Wendy Gay’s critique: “12-18. BURNT SIENNA RED MOUNTAIN. My winner here was an Agouti Red Fawn (A color you don’t see often in the show ring). This young dog had the best balance and movement of the entry.

July 28 Kee Giggs agility, Langley. Very excited to finish Smoke’s 30th TITLE with his Expert Standard Bronze (10th Masters Standard qualification)! He also Qd Masters Jumpers. What a great job he does…

July 26 Pacific KC show, Surrey. Laura enjoyed showing Jennifer H’s Jack to WD and his NEW Canadian Championship! Good job, Jack!

July 22 CWA racing, Abbotsford. Tristan ran his first adult race, and we are very proud of him. He won his first race, so ended up in 2 semi hi point races, where he saw a lot of behinds. But he still finished mid pack for scoring and we couldn’t be more pleased. And he ran with his buddy Smoke as well. He has a strong side preference (here we go again..) and a ton of heart, I know he can’t wait to do it again. Afterward he placed SECOND in the conformation match – thank you judge Jeanette Dorsey! We had a great time and were finished in good time, thanks to the amazing RFF crew.

July 21 Chuckanut Agility, Lynden. Smoke qualified in his Novice Standard and Open Jumpers.

July 18 Tanzy was running out in the yard, and she turned sharply and started limping badly. It looks like she torqued her hock and fractured it, so is now sporting a splint. Poor little angel…

July 15 Sighthound Club of BC Specialty show, White Rock. Laura showed Audrey to WB/BOW and BOB to finish her Canadian Championship.

July 7 LMWA Specialty show, Abbotsford. Tristan had his Specials debut today at the Lower Mainland Whippet Assoc. Specialty, and received the single Award of Merit!! We are so thrilled, especially with a high quality entry of over 50 whippets! Thank you judge Jocelyne Gagne! Tanzy then went Best Coursing Class in both LMWA and WCOBC shows, for the second year straight. Also took Janet’s Audrey to 2nd in Open, and her Becca to WB Altered. Congratulations to all the lovely entries and winners!

Jun 23/24 Kee Giggs agility, Cloverdale. Back to some agility, and Smoke couldn’t make us prouder with his new MASTERS SNOOKER DOG OF CANADA (MSDC)! He also qualified in Masters Jumpers and Standard.

Jun 10 Puyallup show. First time in this building, and Tristan walked/pulled his way up to the doors on his two hind legs, much to the amusement of other handlers going inside. Showed him in a nice sized entry. Really pleased with all the complimentary ringside comments about him!

Jun 9 NAWRA, Abbotsford. A fun day of racing for the twins, with good food and company.

May 26/27 Van Is Dog Fanciers show, Van Island. Really fun weekend with Janet S. The weather was great for Tristan’s first official outdoor shows, with nice large rings, and he went WD/BOW/BOS on Saturday for 3 points under Mr. Garry Allan, and WD/BOS on Sunday under Mr. M Hill to finish his CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP! Was very pleased to handle Janet’s Audrey to WB on Saturday and RWB on Sunday, with nice entries both days. miss Audrey was in full season, and Tristan has now discovered the fascination of bunking with a Pretty Woman. He was so enthralled that he dropped a pound or two and didn’t blink for 3 days. So in the ring, Tristan’s head was on a permanent compass rotation to where Audrey was. On Saturday when they both came back in the ring to line up, Tristan decided he MUST turn 180 degrees to watch her. The judge seemed to get a kick out of the whole experience. They both were quite thrilled to see birds IN the ring, and the chase was on. Another highlight – We went to Thrifty’s to grab some feminine hygiene products for miss Audrey. We were both startled when a male voice behind us offered to answer any questions on these products, and proceeded to give some facts and recommendations…

May 20 Mt Baker show, Lynden. A tiny entry, Tristan went WD for another point. Even better, we won a free year’s worth of Evangers dog food!

May 12/13 CWA race, Abbotsford. Very warm weather this weekend, where on the only day entered, Tristan had another puppy race, and won all his races for his second HIGH SCORE PUPPY IN MEET, then followed up with a 4th placement in the conformation match under Lorna Leinbach! Tanzy ran on Saturday, and Smoke on Sunday with some exciting races, who also followed up with a 4th placement. It was his 40th completed Adult race!

May 5 BCWRA NAWRA race, Abbotsford. With over 30 dogs entered, Smoke and Tanz ‘enthusiastically’ ran 3 of 4 races together. Tristan had his NAWRA debut, running as a puppy with another pup. They were well matched, and Tristan squeaked ahead, taking HIGH SCORE PUPPY IN MEET. The food and company was terrific, and came home with some great ‘loot’. Great job everyone!

Apr 21/22/23 Paulouse Hills Dog Fancier/Lewis-Clark KC, Lewiston, ID. Fun time showing Tristan to Major Reserve both Saturday and Monday, and WD/BOW on Sunday under Mr. John R Cole. Sunday’s major didn’t hold as a dog was pulled, so ended up 1 dog shy of a major. All from the puppy classes!!

Apr 14/15 Ephrata-Moses Lake show, WA. Tristan went Reserve WD, then under judge Mr. Dale Simmons, WD/BOW/BOS on Sunday for his first AKC point!

Apr 13 Empire Collie Club Rally, Moses Lake, WA. Smoke was entered in some Rally but we only did one Advanced event. The broad jump was set too wide, so he ended up walking on part of it. We’re used to it being solid wood, but this was a flexible metal that clanged and squealed when he walked over it, so scared himself silly. We took the offered redo, and although he didn’t want any part of the scary broad jump, he still pulled off a Q. Chilling out in the sun after was a nice reward.

We spent most of the week enjoying the sunshine, with temps up to 31 (88) degrees, with a lot of walks and some campfires. We were also privy to watching a chapter of the Medieval SCA group arrive at the campsite and commence battle.

Apr 8 CWA race, Abbotsford Tristan had his CWA debut, completing his puppy races (he was the only puppy entered). He placed Third in the show match following the races – thank you judge Beth Levine! He was thrilled with his high score puppy prize of a stuffed bunny.

Apr 7 Renaissance show. Tristan went WD under Mr. Edgar Bajona.

Apr 6/9 Renaissance show, Chilliwack. Enjoyed handling Janet Stritychuk’s Audrey to BOW/BOS the only two days entered, and on top of a very nice race weekend for Audrey.

Apr 1 PAC agility, Cloverdale. Smoke qualified in another Masters Standard, and had a clean but overtime Snooker.

Mar 11 Seattle KC agility, Seattle. Smoke qualified in his Novice Jumpers run to finish his NOVICE JUMPERS (NAJ) in 3 of 3 runs, and 100 point scores! Absolutely love this pic of him working for the crowd.

Mar 10 Seattle KC agility, Seattle. Our first time running on carpet (!), and Smoke had a beautiful run before slipping on the carpet and hitting a jump upright. It was a stinger that he recovered quickly from, along with several other dogs that slipped. Then right into the breed ring with Tristan, who went RWD under judge Mrs. Donna Francis, the only day entered! Later, Smoke qualified in his Jumpers with a score of 100.

Feb 26 LMDF show, Cloverdale. Another small entry, and Tristan went BOW.

Feb 25 Chuckanut agility, Lynden. Our first AKC agility event, and fun to start at Novice level again. Smoke qualified in all 3 runs – Standard, Jumpers and FAST, with 2 Firsts in class. Really nice event and well run.

Feb 24 LMDF show, Cloverdale. A tiny entry, Tristan went BOW/BOB.

Feb 19 Mt Cheam show, Chilliwack. Skipped Saturday, but had a great day when Tristan went BOW, BOS and BEST PUPPY IN GROUP! Thank you judge Lucie Paradis. First and only whippet with a Puppy Group placement up to the end of Feb!

Feb 17 Mt Cheam show, Chilliwack. Showed friends’ Audrey in her first show, and went BOW for first points.

Feb 11 LNB agility, Cloverdale. Smoke qualified in another tough Masters Jumpers and Standard run.

Feb 4 Qball agility, Abbotsford. Smoke qualified in another Masters Snooker and a tricky Masters Jumpers, 2 for 2 runs today, after waiting for a long morning and early afternoon. During one of the runs, Tristan was spotted unzipping the top of his soft crate, and pushing his entire upper body through the top. It wasn’t until later that it was noticed that the treat bag lying on top was suspiciously empty. Tanzy had a couple more fun runs, one that included her running for her leash to check it out after being thrown to the side.

Jan 14 Cliffhangers agility, Cloverdale. First time in the agility ring this year, brushing off the rusty flakes. Smoke qualified in a Masters Snooker, and Tanzy had a couple of fun runs.