2013 news

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Dec 14 Auld Lang Syne show, Chilliwack. Tristan x Padme daughter Zarina at the Auld Lang show in chilliwack under judge Walter Pinsker – WB and BOW for 3 points! 6 months and 1 day old! I just adore this pups’ attitude… she had so much fun!

Dec 9 Kiwi litter – 8 handsome boys were born in Kelowna, 5 brindles and 3 blacks.

Dec 9 Palace litter – 1 beautiful girl and 7 boys were born in Port Moody, 3 solid fawns and 5 brindles.

Nov 23 Very pleased to play in the ring with Yulia’s Irish import Lucy at the Elsie Murray show in Cloverdale to WB / BOW and BOS over a Special ! Thank you to judge Shirley Limoges. She just turned 9 months.

Oct 26 Kee Giggs agility, Cloverdale. Had Smoke in just one run, and Qd his Masters Snooker. His first run and Q as a veteran!

Oct 20 CWA meet, Abbotsford. Enjoyed my judging assignment for the fun match after the races. Very nice lineup of versatile whippets.

Oct 12 / 14 Fraser Valley show, Cloverdale. Very pleased to take ‘Whisper’ in for owner Joanne S, who went WB at her first all-breed show. On Monday, Lucy was shown to WB for a single (no class males either day).

Sept 28 NADAC agility, Lynden. We decided to try out NADAC and enjoyed the courses. Very pleased that Tristan qualified in his Hoopers, especially as he had never seen one before!

Sept 20 Mt Cheam show, Chilliwack. Had great fun showing Lucy (Mossbawnhill’s Elusiv Dream, bred by Pamela Hunter) at her first show at 6 months old and went WB / BOS over a special and Best Puppy for her first points!

Sept 8 Matsqui agility, Abbotsford. First time back in the ring after a lot of time off. Tristan has some super runs and Qd in a Starters Snooker and Jumpers.

Aug 18 A very happy 7th birthday to Tanz and Smoke and siblings!

Aug 24 CWA National, Abbotsford. A very nice entry with dogs from throughout North America. Tristan ran well and enjoyed every minute of it!

Aug 23 CWA National Fun Match, Aldergrove. Another successful CWA National, this year held in BC. It was so great seeing our out-of-town visitors and their dogs! I had fun showing my friend Yulia’s 6 month old Irish import puppy Mossbawnhill’s Elusiv Dream (Lucy). She hasn’t taken any classes as of yet, but did a great job for her first go at it.

Aug 10 Victoria City Kennel Club, Van Island. We visited Van Island this weekend for a couple of shows and to visit puppies, and Tristan returned a New Canadian GRAND Champion, including four BOBs and Specialty BOS and Selects, owner handled! This despite some very persistent wasps in the ring. This makes him the SECOND Grand Ch whippet in BC!

Aug 2/3 Western Washington Whippet Assoc Specialties, Auburn. Tristan attempted his first AKC rally trial friday morning before the show and qualified on a very nice course. Tristan then went WD and BOS over specials at Fridays’ Western Washington Whippet Specialty for a 5 point major under judge Christy Nelson! At next day’s Specialty, he went BOW for another 5 point major under judge Linda Zaworski! We have our first American Champion! A huge thank you to Linda Buchholz for showing him so beautifully to those wins – she made him absolutely shine! Thanks also to the hugely supportive ringside for all your hoots and hollers, we are so grateful for your support.

Linda Zaworski critique: Open Dog/Best of Winners (Burnt Sienna Red Mountain): I loved this boy. He was so very smooth from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. An easy go-er on the move and dead sound on both ends. I later learned that this win was his second of the weekend, with Christy Nelson also finding him and awarding him the day before.

July 21 CWA, Abbotsford. Tristan enjoyed another RFF meet and placed in the post-race match – thanks judge Stephanie Gillespie.

Agility ring, race track, and show ring. Couldn’t ask for more on a weekend!

July 20 Chuckanut agility, WA. We rarely run AKC agility, but decided to enter a few runs. We Qd in 4 of 5 runs between Smoke and Tristan. Smoke finished his 32nd title – Novice Standard NAP – as the only dog entered with 100 pts, and first overall. Plus an Open Jumpers with another first in class. It was Tristan’s first AKC agility trial, and he did a terrific job, with a Q in Novice Jumpers (100 pts) and Novice Standard (90 points – due to my lousy handling : ) He actually hit all his contacts, it was something to behold. While we were the only whippets at the trial, it was nice to see some canadian friends there.

July 13 Western Gazehound Specialty, Surrey. Beautiful weather and setting for the local show. Tristan enjoyed the outdoors and took BOS at the specialty. Then came home and had fun rolling in some stinky dead thing on the grass. That’s our boy…

July 7 CWA race, Abbotsford. Very honored for Tristan to receive a first placement in the RFF CWA conformation match, among lovely competition (thank you Blair Shinski). We are so pleased with his consistent racing…

A lot of fantastic running dogs, great sportsmanship and terrific food – thanks RFF! (photo by Jennifer Szabo)

Jun 23 Kee Giggs trial, Abbotsford. Smoke Qs in his one Masters Snooker run today. Good man! Not a successful day with Tristan, who completed his first advanced gamblers, but had a refusal. So close..

Jun 13/14/15 Parksville, Van Island. Tristan becomes a daddy – congratulations to Carole Adley for Padme’s litter of 7 beautiful puppies! More info on ‘Puppies’ page.

Jun 13/14/15 Nanaimo Kennel Club, Vancouver Island. We had quite the fabulous week. 3 days of shows, with Tristan BOB 2 days and a BOS. Nice little outdoor shows, and the weather was beautiful.

We also attempted another Rally Novice trial (in conjunction with a poodle specialty), and was blown away by his performance – complete attention and enthusiasm. Not only did we qualify, but with a perfect score of 100!!! (a first for me) That also gave us High-in-Class!! And to top it off, that earned him his Rally Novice title RN in 3 of 3 trials! (and we haven’t taken a class to date!)

Just love love love this photo. It encompasses an essence of Tristan that is apparent when working with me – his focus, connection and determination to please. Photo by Views by Linda Photography.

June 9 SCOBC oval race, Langley. Headed out to help the club and ended up with a practice run for Tristan in oval racing. He enjoys barking at every turn of the bunny.

June 2 CWA race, Abbotsford. Tristan ran well, winning his first race (ahead of a couple of ARX dogs no less!), which pushed him up to remain in the high point races the rest of the meet. It was his best finish to date, with his first Top 10 placement, at #7 overall. He followed it up with a conformation placement too – what a great day.

This was his 10th adult meet, which gives him the titles for TRP (title of racing proficiency) and DPC (Dual Purpose Champion as he is also a show champion).

May 18/19 Mt Baker show, Lynden. Saturday – thank you Linda Buchholz for showing Tristan this weekend – he certainly had fun in the ring even at a smaller show. He went WD and BOS over a special!

Even better, on Sunday he went WD/BOW and BOB over a lovely sbis special! Just thrilled beyond words. The judge was very understanding of his giant leap in the air, trying to catch “the mother of all flies”.

May 11/12 CWA meet, Abbotsford. Tristan finished with enough points to complete his first racing title Performance Racer (PR) (50 meet points). He followed it up with a 2nd in the conformation match on Saturday, and the highest points to date on Sunday!

Apr 23-27 AWC National Specialty show, Eugene, Oregon. We set up in Camp Canada and enjoyed some warm weather up to 34 degrees. Really enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones and was great to catch up at the Camp Canada BBQ. You couldn’t miss all the Canadian flags. A highlight of that was when some local college kids drove by and belted out the Canadian Anthem at the top of their lungs.

Started the week off with Tristan passing his CGC test, which he did well, other than the meet-and-greet portion, where he was overly interested in the pretty little white female whippet that approached him. The excessive greeting disorder was bound to kick in, and he ended up launching himself at her with an open arm hug.

(photo by Stephanie Gillespie)

Was fun to show a couple of other dogs, including an open bitch and a sprightly 13 year old veteran who got more and more excited with all the clapping. Tristan had a great time and enjoyed watching a fly in the ring and being in the ring next to some other Canadian whippet friends. Had many wonderful comments about him ringside. (photos by Les Korcala)

Huge thanks to all the organizers that put together another successful National event. Congratulations to all the winners and it was so much fun to see all the beautiful entries. I took so many photos and some video that my camera finally gave up and gave me the message “battery is exhausted.” Tell me about it : )

Apr 20/21 Lewiston shows, Idaho. Tristan goes RWD on saturday, and Linda Buchholz goes WD with him Sunday for a single. Great fun camping with them!

Apr 12/13/14 Renaissance show, Chilliwack. What a busy weekend.. Started Friday morning off with Tristan taking Select Dog at the Aristocrat Hound Assoc. show under hound specialist Robin Riel.

Then we headed off for a 4 plus hour drive to Kelowna (ran into some snow and fog in the passes – hello white knuckles) to attend the Whippet Club of BC agility trial. His first CKC trial, and Tristan qualified in a couple of runs, and had some ‘fun’ runs too, kicking up dirt with his zoomies. He has such drive, that I am not sure how to handle it yet LOL… can’t keep up. I ran Janet Stritychuk’s Becca for the first time as a veteran, and she qualified in 3 of 3 runs for her Novice Jumpers title. Good job Becca! Becca was High Score Whippet in trial 1, and Tristan was High Score Whippet in trial 2, qualifying with firsts in his division. We didn’t stay for all trial runs as the weather was looking a little nasty for the way back.

We decided to enter Tristan in their two Rally trials as well, and he qualified in both of them! Not perfect scores, but then again, we haven’t even been to a single class LOL.. But was happy with a respectable 94 points, despite being outdoors in very soggy grass (elbows don’t BELONG on wet grass, he says) and with the addition of a persistent fly that followed us around for awhile, until he decided that enough was enough and jumped up and ate it, landing in perfect position for a ‘come front’. I laughed that we didn’t have to redo the station.

The trial photographer took some great photos, can’t wait to see them..

Thank you WCOBC for hosting a fun event, and to Susan for allowing me to be a guest at your beautiful horse farm.

Apr 6/7 CWA meet, Abbotsford. First race meet weekend of the year for Racing for Fun. Cold and wet, with some really great racing, a lot of speedy FTEs. Tristan ran his little heart out, with his highest points to date, and followed up with placements in the fun matches. Thanks to Beth Levine for his 4th placement and Margaret Gaull for his 2nd.

As always, the RFF crew had things running smoothly and we were treated to the usual fare of delicious homemade lunch. Thank you to all the set up crew, helpers, judges and the makers of the food!

Mar 31 Oceanside show, Abbotsford. Tristan had a nice Easter, going BOB over lovely Can/Am Chs! Shown lightly over two weekends this year, he has already received the required BOB and minimum 2 point wins. What a great weekend…

Mar 30 Kee Giggs agility, Langley. Tristan did a nice job to qualify in his second and final Starters Gamblers!

Mar 5 5 years since we lost our beautiful siamese cat Snickers. What a character he was…

Feb 22 Linn County show, Albany. We were gifted an unexpected two weeks holiday, so took a quick trip to Oregon. Tristan went RWD and second twice in the largest male class. Thank you Linda Buchholz for allowing me the opportunity twice to take some photos and watch him in the ring with someone else for the first time. It was pretty cute how he would turn his head to say “hi, mom!’ as he trotted by. We had some windy but dry beach camping (dogs loved being on the beach) and did some sightseeing around Oregon and Western Washington. And ‘looked’ at some new travel trailers too : )

Feb 17 LMDF show, Abbotsford. Starting to show Tristan lightly as a special. Today he went BOS for his first canadian Grand Champion points. Entries have been very low, hope there will be more competition.

Feb 16 LNB agility, Cloverdale. First agility Qualification for Tristan! Make that 2 Qs! He qualified in Starters Gamblers and Snooker, with firsts in his division. We have a lot of work to do learning some obstacles, but what a start! Smoke qualified in his single Masters Snooker run – yeah!

Feb 9/10 Matsqui agility, Abbotsford. First race practice of the year, cold and clear. After, Smoke ran his one agility run and Qd his Masters Snooker. Tristan is enjoying learning agility now too. Photo by Bev Johnson.