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son Thias

Tristan oval track

Tristan autumn 2012

Tanzy Oregon beaches 2012

Oregon beaches 2012

Tanzy Oregon beaches 2012

Smoke with happy feet in Oregon, fall 2012

Oregon beaches, 2012

Smoke 2012

Tanzy Oregon, 2012

Tristan CWA conformation placement fall 2012

Squirrel hunting, 2012

Tanzy after her hock fracture

Tristan Vancouver Island 2012

Tristan 16 months

Tristan at 16 months

Tristan in quiet contemplation of the squirrel next door

Squirrel hunting

Squirrel hunting

soooo tired…

Our local Ogopogo, living in our pond

It’s MY bunny! July 2012

Tanzy 2012

winter 2011

The latest in handbags

Race practice as a pup

Tristan, 2011

Iona beach, 2011

Tristan’s first show weekend at 6 months, 2011

enjoying the last warm days of 2011

on the move

on the move at 1 year old

waiting patiently for the bunny to move

Tristan at Iona beach

Smoke CWA conformation placement

Smoke having a blast

Tristan flat out in under 6 months

so much fun in the show ring

Smoke racing

tired and happy racing together

puppy Tristan

more racing

outdoor agility

baby Tristan on the bunny hunt

Spotting something in the distance, at 5 months

On the move at 4 months

Tristan seeing his first horse

CWA racing

Tanzy racing

Tanzy showing who’s boss

Tanzy CKC agility

Smoke CKC agility, Kelowna

Smoke CKC agility, Kelowna

‘Gene Simmons’ after racing

Ready or not, here I come!

Smoke leading the pack

Tanzy racing

Mirror images, 2012

Smoke CKC agility

CKC agility

“don’t you touch my chewy!” 07

Smoke winter 08

Smoke winter 08

Tanzy winter 08

winter 08

Smoke winter 08

Smoke “How embarrassing”

“what’s that?”

“Mom’s a freak” halloween 07



who’s the boss

best buds, 06

Tanzy’s first show 07

brotherly love

our first show – Best Puppy in Specialty!

“This is the life…”

First show lesson 07

squamish bunny hunting 08

LMWA show


Tanzy pup

winter 08

looking for reception 08

“This guy is scary!” 06

Smoke 06

“I surrender!” 06






Tanzy 2006

yummy foot 2006